It's a Damn Trap!

I literally just heard a woman I work with say "It's more expensive to get a divorce than it is to get married"  Amen sister!!

I sat and watched the church I grew up in marry children (20 year olds) off just so they wouldn't have pre-marital sex! That's a crock of bullshit!

I say be together, stay together. No piece of paper is going to make you a better couple. And if someday, someone needs to walk away then they can.

My parents stayed together for way too long in a very unhappy marriage. When my Mom finally told me she wanted a divorce, my response was: "Would you please!!?" They were to me a horrible example of why you should stay together 'just for the kids'. More bullshit!

I think it is an institution long over.

I don't plan to tie the knot. But I might jump over the broom! I'd rather have a spiritual ceremony to bind my sould to another.. but that is stretching things way father than I can see myself right now!

So think twice about it and don't enter into it with haste. Unless you need citizenship!! HA!!

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4 Responses Feb 9, 2009

So how did it all turn out?

Marriage might turn out interesting for you and you will be able to judge it once you get into it. It has lot many positive things too. You just have to choose good things and throw the bad one's from your kitty.

I'm actually considering marriage these days. I have a shiny rimg on my finger.. I am not so afraid of marriage now, I want to be with this man. He has his faults and I do too. I'm ready to jump into new territory, I don't want to be alone. Yes, we really don't have to becomed legally married but I think for us it will be good. He's old fashioned anyway.. Wish me luck

i agree...though i am conditioned by the worlds view on the subject to think "hey it must be nice to be married"....and not to mention the tax reasons which i think is the #2 reason people do it know....the #1 reason the rush it must give...your to raped p in the emotion to see and trully understand that your "stuck" with this person for the rest of the term of scary that must seem after the honeymoon and newlywed feeling wares off...i believe that marriage is just another shame to waist money on a overly commercal ideaism that it's not good to be alone your whole life, to be independent and strong...i mean im not saying to go out and buy a house full of cats im just saying marrage is not needed between to people who really love each;s just a piece of paper.....gerrr....:)

I agree wholeheartedly! I say now when it takes a preacher to get married and a preacher to get divorced or a lawyer to do both i may consider it again. not likley it will ever happen so I can relax and enjoy life and the relationships I have from now on. I think lol!