Used to think i was going to meet a perfect girl, someone i wanted to spend the rest of my life with. Used to think i'd get married and everything will be just fine, but that bubble burst a while ago.

I've seen many marriages, not one genuinely 'happy'. Sure the ones i'd call successful are the ones that stick together, where you see the husband and wive living with each other, maybe a few kids in between... but after seeing enough married couples, I've seen that...

Married couples hide stuff from each other. Be it for the sake of the marriage or just to save an argument, people lie to each other. But i used to think that with a person you wanted to spend your life with, you would have no secrets, and everything you can't say to anyone you could say to your spouse. Turns out it's pretty much the same as any stage of any relationship then.

Married couples will cheat on each other. I have yet to meet a married couple where neither the man or woman have wondered of being with someone else, or where they have 'made mistakes' in the past. I think it's normal. People get tired of living together and need to know something different, it's hard to live with someone else the rest of your life, and that's why i think people shouldn't marry.

So... i used to think two people could really love each other forever and ever, it turns out that isn't true. they will be infatuated for a while, the will love each other for a certain amout of time, and then if they're lucky, they'll learn to live with each other for the rest of their lives.

I've seen that people in a marriage can't communicate in a pure, honest way most of the time. They will at some point wish they weren't married, they will at some point there weren't kids in the middle and wish they could go each their own way.

Because of this i know i won't get married, and i think i won't have a family, lest a truly wonderful women comes and proves me wrong.
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I see where your coming from but don't let that ruin your dreams/goals I definitely get What you mean but you also need to realize each and every one of us are diferent we can find similarities but where all diferent I'm sure you'll find that one person who will change your mind all over again good luck :)

Thanks :) i'm not really bummed out about it, i have hope that i'll find someone to enjoy life with, i just don't like the idea of marriage as a compromise, because people change and they might wake up one day and not like the decisions they made anymore...

I'm also not talking about myself. All the people i've loved i'll love until the day i die. But i'm thinking i'm the only one who is like that now :)

For some people it stops being fun when something becomes something you have to do, instead of something you want to do.

Yea definetly get your point of view.