What Is Monogamy?

Why is it that so many people are obsessed with monogamy these days? Is it really being monogamous when you find a partner and you commit yourself to them for a period of time then you might drift apart, fall out of love or whatever you want to call it and you end up walking away to somebody else that has captured your heart or your mind. Is that monogamy? or is it as the newest term serial monogamy?

Monogamy is a form of social control. People telling you how to live and how your supposed to conform to what others think is best for you. What happens when your in a loving relationship with a partner that you can be completely honest with? What if you both know that you love each other with your entire being, what if you both can talk and say to each other that you would like some variety from time to time? Could you sit down with your partner and seriously talk to them?

That is the type of relationship that my wife and I share. We are committed to each other, we are able to be open and honest with each other. We know that when we CHOOSE to find that variety that it is for physical pleasure, it is not for emotional fulfillment. Yes we have developed friendships from those encounters, we share ourselves with others and we allow other people to get to know us on an intimate level. But we do not get overly involved because from the very beginning our partners know that no matter what happens we (my wife and I) will always be there for each other, we won't leave each other for another person. If the potential partner can not handle that then we wish them the best and we move on. Yes some people can not handle sharing, some people are to scared to face their own fears. Some people try to control their partners. But for my wife and I we talk to each other, we share our emotions with each other, we talk about anything and everything. If you were to meet us you would see that we are so deeply in love with each other, and the reason for that deep connection is our ability to connect on an honest and truthful level. I know that she enjoys a different man from time to time just as she knows that I am bisexual and that I have male friends that I connect with. She doesn't judge me for it as I won't ever judge her for her choices.

So is it really monogamy that is in question? or is it the lack of open and honest communication?
ericm12121977 ericm12121977
31-35, M
Jul 28, 2010