Lovers Triangle

Well, I was living in this place, where all young people knows each other and knows everything about everyone. My group of friends is actually outside all that bullshit, I mean, everybody know us and know who we are, but we don't get involved into the gossip crap and stuff. There are like 25 guys, and I, LOL, and there's the group of the girls, who aren't more than 6, than sometimes come with us. So I'm just another guy of the group, or at least for most of them. It's been more than a year since I started banging this guy of my group. At first it was kinda secretly, but then everyone finds out, but kept they're mouth shout. But also, there's been nine months I'm banging another guy of the group, who's actually as thick at thieves with the other one, and everyone in the group knows. We are **** buddies. And it's okey between the three of us cause we're still friends and we joke all the time about it. Is just for fun, we keep it friendly and honest, and if I wanna be with anyone else (or they wanna), there's no reason why we cant. But there's always a back up if I wanna have sex or just have a little coddling. I don't need a boyfriend. I don't think I could find everything I need in only one person.

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It is not really a triangle unless the two guys are banging each other. There is nothing wrong with experimentation provided contraception is used. If a baby comes along this could result with you being left holding the baby - literally.

Don't get me wrong - I have two long term girlfriends and they love each other as well. I have kids with one and planning to have kids with the other. I have a decent income, own home and can support them in every way.

I have nothing against the lifestyle that you have choosen.But a **** is a ****.Someone that is sexually promiscuous like you.First, it does not mean that people who are monogamous are not sexual, it is just that they are not *****.Second, just because you don`t believe in monogamy, you GENERALISE that it is not natural.Third, if you people cannot stop streotyping i will continue to drill hell into your pea brains.

Someone that is "sexually prosmiscuous".I wrote that in my previous comment.If you still don`t understand then google or yahoo.FYI, i am not demonising someone`s sexuality, before you even assume, go brush up on your vocab.Both male and female can be "****", but for male they are called stud.

Well, actually if you think about it, there is no excuse for a person to be sexually promiscuous if sex is available in the relationship itself.But in this case, this girl is not in a relationship so it is her choice of how she wants to develop her sexuality.But when you are in a relationship, it should not be about "YOU" anymore, and being sexually prosmiscuous in a relationship is not only wrong but also a despicable and low-life thing to do, because that is only for people who are single, you get me?

Here we go again, just because you are a **** means that humans are not meant to be monogamous.Stop delusioning yourself.Low life people are people like you who cannot stop being a **** and thus generalising that all people cannot be monogamous.

You have an interesting life right now. You are probably right that one man can't satisfy all of who you are. That doesn't make you a ****. It makes you more sexual than pinksilklady, perhaps. At least for now you can explore your sexuality and find out what you want in a partner to come home to every day and what you want in a guy you have fun with, perhaps a guy who releases your inner wanton tigress. Usually a marriage settles into routine and comfortable sex that the couple calls passionate and fulfilling, but it usually is just OK. It is hard for something to be both routine and exciting.

Thank you for your comments. Silkpantygirl I think I know where you're coming from, really. You don't understand how a non monogamy relationship can be fulfilling, well, let me tell you something. You think that cause what tv and your parents told you to think. They told me that too, but I have my own brain to know what is best for me. And I feel GREAT living the way I live. I had monogamy relationship. I had boyfriends, I've been in love. And really, I've never found anyone who truly understand me and let me be the way I really am. To be faithful to someone goes beyond not sleeping anybody else. To really be faithful to someone, you know? As long as you are true and honest, you can do whatever you want. Is just a matter of culture. There's people who doesn't mind her/his couple sleeps or make out with another person and still they love each other more than anything in the world. The fact I don't believe in monogamy doesn't mean I don't have feelings or that I don't believe in love. I'm a very happy person just being free and expressing my self, and having fun, and besides I have my family and my really good friends who loves me and who I love to death. I don't follow rules make by others, I make my own. And I'm very happy.

to silkpantgirl if this girl is a **** which she is not ,what does that make the two guys, does that not all'so make them a ****,how can a guy call a woman a ****, if the guys are doing the same thing,so what she is doing is human life, and what the guys are doing is human life.i am the worlds oldest male virgin at 57 so that gives me the right to say this.

SOUNDS "to me" YOU are What People call: "A ****".<br />
How FULFILLING can "that" be ???