Who Is She?

I am living in a world desinged for everyone one else, I ahve adopted a ways of coping and they fail many times than work. Everytime I feel down and out evryone needan anwser, why are you like this? what do you want? what are your palns for the future? Everyone breathing doen me, theepetations and the questions i am meant to obviously have the answere to. They crowd me and I tuck myself in, looking for a dark room to feel safe in. I screa, its like i and dumb, no one hears me.

I do have the answer, I look in the striaght ahead and i see someone, she looks familar i might have seen her before, i don''t know her but she looks back. She sares back at me. Can she hear me? Do you understand me. Looking at the window staring at this figure, she moves as i moveher ees are screaming for help as well, the window is a mirror,. I don;t know me. I can't find my voice, i am locked in myself. Imprisoned in my reality, imprisoned in my body, let me out.

Who is this girl? Who is she? Who am I? Where am I?

I don't belive in myself, I don't believe i exist. I am locked looking out as my life passes by.

mashni mashni
18-21, F
Mar 11, 2010