Scandalous ...

I've lived in Catholic Ireland for nearly five years now.  I have to say that I am not a member of any church and do not follow any organised religion.

According to the Catholic church:


To kill oneself is a violation of the fifth commandment.  It is a mortal sin.  “Thou shall not kill.”  The Catholic Church teaches that is a mortal sin to kill.  The Catholic Church stands in defense of life from the moment of conception to the time of natural death.

I find it ironic that in a Catholic country, suicide is such a common occurrence.  In my life I had never known anyone kill themselves, nor had I ever known anyone with a family member who had committed suicide.

Since living here I have met perhaps ten people who have had family members commit suicide and have personally known two people who have killed themselves.  

I've seen the hurt and despair which is left for the families of those who have died and could never condone it as a way of solving problems someone may have in their life.  Whatever pain you may be suffering, relieving it by killing yourself is surely not the solution ... think of those who love you ... think of the damage your death would do to them.

Resources to help those with mental illness are dreadfully underfunded here - it seems to be mostly young men who suffer undiagnosed depression and mental illnesses.  The taboos surrounding the issue of seeking help really need to be eradicated.  It really is scandalous.....

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that was my feeling polly ... there is an issue made of the fact that the church is so against it ... and the country professes to be a religious one ... although not as much as it once was of course ... I was just surprised how often I came across it and people who had been affected. I feel the same way that you do ... I'd never take my own life no matter how desperate I might feel, I just couldn't do that to those that love me.

For me TexasLily it's not a belief in god ... it's a belief in what's simply right and wrong. It is wrong in my opinion to leave such misery behind, no matter what someone may be going through - nothing is worth that cruelty. No family deserves that treatment.