The Thin Red Line

In my opinion, in a conversation with the truly religious, the line between preaching and not preaching is very, very  thin.

I have always been interested in learning why people believe the things they do, but that is as far as my interest goes as I have no desire to join any particular type of organized religion.
Unfortunately, many times when religion was discussed  I ended up being lectured , invited to join their church and on the worst cases even threatened with the eternal damnation of my soul  for having had the nerve to ask a question with a touch of logic. I honestly think  people can talk about their  beliefs all they want if they wish, but they have no business trying to convert anyone to their religion. That is very disrespectful not to mention annoying, and in my case totally pointless.

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1 Response Dec 23, 2011

What about the devout parents of Catholic girls? that is a nightmare! They will put the fear of God in you! they are like the Devil obsessed!