Who's Right?

Each religion thinks their beliefs are the only way to achieve whatever. Can they all be right? One wouldn't think so. What if I choose the wrong one? What of I don't want one? If I believe in God, does it have to be yours. What makes you think you're right? When it comes to religion, I have far more questions than answers. After this story, there will be some who will try to convince me that they have found the answer. Don't bother, please. I believe everyone has the right to choose their own path in life. Please allow me to do the same.

I believe in God. Maybe not your God, though. At times, the only thing I can tell you about God is that I'm not him or her or it. I believe there is but one God. We all just relate to said God in different ways.
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I personally do not believe in any organized religion. I was born Catholic. Ventured out other religions. But they are all so confusing and have inconsistencies.
Every life form in this world is made perfect by a great/perfect engineer. EVERYTHING is made perfect with perfect purpose and reason. And just imagine every imperfection and unreasonable things we can spot on various man-made doctrines.
How can we even believe in something that's really way out of perfection. God is perfect.
Who's telling the truth?
Sometimes, and most of the time it's best to believe in our reason rather than what people claim. If a thing that's being taught does not make sense, would you still believe it without probing? Because our history tells us so? How are we even sure they're legit?
God gave us reason. He gave us conscience to lead us to the right decision and action. If it's something we know that would hurt us, we shouldn't do it. I guess everyone should believe in their Common sense.

I support you. Well said.

what I have been able to learn, we are all here for life lessons...we are all one no matter which belief system we travel though....because God is one....<br />
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it is pretty simple....follow the Golden Rule....Do into others as you would have them do into you..

Buddhism accepts other faiths, why cannot other faiths do the same.<br />
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To me, if you have a certain faith, that's cool. Whatever helps you get through the day. But no one has the right to cram what they believe down my throat.<br />
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If you want to explain to me your faith, I will listen. But let ME decide if I will join you. In return, you should allow me the same opportunity to explain my beliefs to you.

Well said

What if God does not want you to learn ANY religion?<br />
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In my opinion religion was made to control the masses and for the enrichment of a select few.