Jesus ***** Up Adam And Eve

We have a have black woman that works for us and her husband (a black man) is a pastor.

Now I asked her what colour she thinks or believes Adam and Eve is.

She said they were Black people and everything the Bible teaches them is the Truth and the only right.

Okay I found it odd because amongst the white Christian people we believe that adam and eve was WHITE.

Now white christians probably believe that Jesus was white too and black christians believe Jesus was a black man - or else both ethnic groups would not worship him if he was not of the same skin colour as they are since we have people thinking they are the chosen races or ones of God you know. So if the white people think they are the chosen nation of God or the chosen peoples of God then that excludes all other races likewise the black people would exclude the white people from their chosen nature when jesus is allowed to be black... That is why I believe jesus should not even be allowed to be white or black or brown, pink or purple and what the **** ever they would like to make him to indoctrinate people with political and racist brainwashing making them evil and intolerant people of other races in general.

I told the black lady working for us that adam and eve must have been colourful birds then.

I mean come on let us face the facts... If adam and eve were really the mother and father of all people today on earth; of all humans then they must have been some sort of colourful hybrid species of all colours to make the colourful skin tones of all people today, no? Not to mention adam and eve must have had children that mated with each other and adam must have boinked his daughters as well even granddaughters etc and eve with adam, her sons and grandsons etc. both indulging in ****** to create the grand mess we call humanity today ONE BIG HAPPY FAMILY with humanity being ONE and EQUAL and all; it is a surprise that because of adam and eve and their hillbillyism humans are not all retarded and having physical defects - maybe then the fact that we have different skin colours and distinct racial characteristics is some DNA defect or genetic defect caused by all the hillbilly behaviour of the big family created by adam and eve lusting after each other and doing your brothers and sisters as the bible calls your neighbour - brother and sister... What a sinful pair not to mention that if eve was black and adam white or eve yellow and adam brown or eve red and adam white consumed by interacial relationships to make a multi-racial humanity which most christian religions look down upon and strictly forbid.

Judged from my arguments above you can clearly see there must be something horribly wrong with christianity when it forbids things against the church or biblical law like ****** and interracial relationships that could have otherwise made their biblical accounts credible...hahaha... How can adam and eve be the only two people to create the entire humanity without ****** like their grandchildren doing each other and brother and sister orgies to POPULATE the entire earth? How can there be so many races of people without either adam or eve having some racial defect in the sense of differing in skin tone or race from one another? Or did two white people just create black people out of the blue like some defective albinism as seen amongst black people or were they two black people popping out albino (white) people?! Unless either black people or white people or brown people are NOT HUMANS and only one race is...again the black people would think they are the only humans and whites are animals and vice versa because JESUS and adam and eve was BLACK which made them HUMANS... And whites are far from HUMAN because only blacks are human according to the bible.

There is something seriously wrong with Christianity and how it makes people think especially to make people racist a-holes!!!!!!
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