Where Is Christ?

To me it seems people are worshiping their religion and not Jesus Christ. Where do Jesus and God fit into this scenario? Certain religions have made rules that are not biblical at all, therefore are lies. These teachers are going to be held accountable for teaching their followers lies. Another thing that bothers me a lot is how science has become a new religion. If science can't prove something...it's not true. Scientist does't know everything and most are atheist, Stephen Hawkins has a huge following. These are my thoughts and I come to EP hoping to share my thoughts with like minded people, please hold your judgment back. Everybody deserves a chance to speak their mind.
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I would take it even farther. If you are a Christian you are a follower of Christ. The early Christians didn't have Bibles in that they didn't even exist. Organized religion created it as a foundational doctrine. Read and understand the Red Letters. --------------------------------As to science. It has been the new religion. They use it as the Church uses the term God. Something that can not be questioned. they use a symantics trick. They imply if though science it's not provable than it is not a fact. Science can not prove anything. Science is a process of elimination. It will tell you what isn't. It reveals the improbable to leave the more probable. It doesn't reveal truth. It only can tell you what isn't true. Science measures material things or that which is not eternal. Truth is eternal, so science is incapable of revealing Truth. But it can be of assistance in the elimination of what isn't true which helps us to see the Truth that is hidden beneath.

" Another thing that bothers me a lot is how science has become a new religion. If science can't prove something...it's not true. Scientist does't know everything and most are atheist"<br />
<br />
Brilliant observation as to how Science n Scientists have become a religion without notice. So is Government, Law , Money etc. that have become religions without apparent knowledge to the people. All these enacted when we are naive, studying in school, and made to accept many things without our knowledge.

yeah, completely brain washed! plant the seeds while their still babies and the soil is very fertile, what kind of fruit comes fro these lies?

I am thrilled to see so many others who truely know Jesus ! Which only means he's with you everywhere you go from the time you wake until you go to bed and he watches over you when you sleep! We should never be ashamed of who we are as our creator has great reason he only ask that we do the best with what we have. I wish they had a triple like button cause this group just made my day! Thank you!

You can pursue Christ on your own. <br />
You don't need to physically belong to a church or follow any mans doctrines <br />
to have Christ in your heart. <br />
If you believe in Jesus and love him > then you don't need a Church > you are the Church

Love it all!

Wow, what they say is unbiblical! Jesus did not teach that, infact our Savoir see's our righteousness as filthy dirty rags!! They are sinners and fall short of the grace of God as we all do and your right to say "your a work in the making" The Potter molds the clay slowly with love, patience and understanding because these are fruits of the spirit. It's like that beautiful song "A closer walk with thee" She sings " If I stumble...Lord who cares! Who but me my burdens share? Non but thee dear Lord, non but thee" Your God is the one I believe in and pray to every day, what an awesome God He is. I love to hear from you and hope you don't mind me saying this, there are churches out there that teach the word of God with conviction, love and are non judgemental - this church is not Godly at all they are self righteous.

I not only appreciate your opinion, I totally respect it.<br />
I have been struggling with my church and their beliefs. <br />
so I want to share this with you.....<br />
They say!!!!<br />
I am going to hell for smoking....<br />
I haven't been saved because I haven't been made sin free....<br />
If I was saved, I would be sanctified (better than others) <br />
They say they are Holy....<br />
<br />
I Believe....<br />
When God saved me he reached way down, and changed one lost lady<br />
he turned me around like Saul to Paul<br />
I am a work in the making, God didn't change me so... to just toss me away like a rag doll<br />
I smoke my cigarettes, and yes they are nasty, but when I go to the other side, I will be washed as white as snow... I will go to the other side.<br />
where is Jesus???<br />
He lives in my heart, every where I go he comes, he walks, talks and sleeps he is always with me. I love my Savior Christ Jesus with my whole being. <br />
So I hope if ever we come to face to face you will know, hey I see God in that crazy lady... <br />
I cry a lot, but I laugh more, my God is awesome and brings my joy!!!!<br />
Hope you didn't mind my opinions and thoughts...