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I am what I call a "follower of Christ" because the term christian has gotten a bad rep. I don't believe in organised relegion but I believe in the Father Son and Holy Spirit. I believe Jesus was crucified and ascended to heaven for us to escaped hell. However I believe in a lot of buddhism ways of how to treat ourselves as well as others. How to live in the present and meditation (though I am very new to it). Where do I go to worship? Where do I go to learn? What books can I read? Any advice would be appreciated
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The true message of Christ is about freedom and a personal relationship with God. In fact the early church was nothing more than families and friends getting together worship. The organized modern church has destroyed much of Christ message and is saturated with falsehoods and political agenda. I believe in Christ however I personally have left the church. I was a former minister and I found that it is better to say you have a personal relationship with God through Christ rather than say you are religious. It is not wrong to sample or partake in other beliefs as well, the meditations of the far east or very therapeutic and can help soothe the soul. I think you are a true believer. As for worship, I would say find a group who understands and agrees with you. As it is written, when 2 or more are gathered in my name, there shall I be also. You dont need the church.

Well since this story is posted in this I don't believe in organized religion group...Common sense should tell you non of that matters.

take a religion class at a local community college