Spiritual Over Religious.

For myself I don't believe in organized religion, just spiritual, not religious. While religion works for many people, that's fine it works for them, I have nothing against that at all. Just when it comes to myself.

I believe we all should do what works for US, and others do what works for them, as long as some thumper is not trying to shove his faith down my throat I am fine with him too.

SpiceZ SpiceZ
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2 Responses Sep 18, 2012

I don't believe in organized religion really. I hate all the "rules" and having no choice. You're forced to reincarnate or you're forced to go to hell...you're not getting into heaven because of this and blah blah even though you have a good heart. I hate it. I have my own belief. I just wish to spend forever with loved ones without being bored..nothing but peace and happiness..maybe bickering but nothing serious lol.

Certainly agree. I'm in the do what works for you, and let me do what works for me. And, don't try to put what works for you into politics, keep it in your church.