Nothing But A Cult If You Ask Me...

I am Agnostic, and I hate organized religion. Religion is nothing but a cult if you ask me. I can't believe that entire populations are formed around the biases of organized religion. Religion has purged the earth with war & hatred long enough. How can a person think they are better than someone else because they believe in a deity? Well, they’re not. I have no doubt in my mind that human beings were the inventors of all religions. I believe religion was invented purely to give meaning to life, and ease the fear of death. As human beings we need to have an answer for everything, even if we don’t truly understand. People go as far as to deny that dinosaurs ever existed just so they don’t have to admit they may be wrong about the origins of man. Hear me out, just because I do not believe in a supreme deity does not mean that I do not believe in a higher power. If there is such a higher power, I don’t believe it has a face, or gender. I think if there is a supreme being out there, it would not waste its time taking on a human form. If there is a “god”, it created a beautiful thing called evolution. Like a father watching his child grow up, “god” watches his universe warp & change to find balance & serenity. It watched as the fish in the ocean sprouted legs and started to walk on dry land. It watched as birds grew wings and touched the sky. It watched as solar flares violently shoot from the surface of the sun like majestic & powerful cosmic fireworks. & it watched as human being fought in bloody crusades over bogus religion.
One can only hope that one day people will step aside themselves long enough to get rid of their ego, & listen to what the universe is trying to tell us.
yolo19 yolo19
22-25, F
Jan 18, 2013