In a Box

If you went God and is word to real work You need to that him to be in to control not you or people in the church. That is what I believe that is what organized religion does they try and control Jesus Christ.

I have been in a church that the Holy Spirit was allowd to let God bless us. We whould go at 7:00p.m. to church the time we got out was sometimes 10:00 or 11:00 when the pastor had us life, but a lot of us stayed in the parking still getting blesses. Their was healing, people that thou they were so called Christian God convited them of what they were doing. I was touched by God and had the power of healing, I spoke in tounges, I cryed, was drunk in the Spirit even driveing home from church. There was so much God was letting me see,and be apart of. Word could not descrip what was going on. I could not get enough of is words to feel his present.

But then something happen. I believe that the devil was rrying to take over so some one let him use them to try and control that place. contoled religon was put back in the church. the feeling of Gods present was taken man stepped in.

People left that went to seeking Gods presents again. So now I can not find a place that I felt the present of God that strong.

We need stong belivers to stand up for Christ and let God use us to help show people how Gods love is. It does not have to be in a churh building. Where two or more come together in his name their he shall be.

we can't put God in a box for him to truly bless us


motherhen1962 motherhen1962
46-50, F
Feb 8, 2009