Too Much Religion

I was an avid church goer. I no longer have the desire to attend church. I am turned off by it. I used grew up in church. Now that I have made my own decisions I have to say that if God does exsist I do not believe he intended what religon teaches us.

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the devil is not worried about the so called christian because they are in a routine. It the ones that stir up the pot that he is worried about. They are the real believers. They will show Gods love to others, help out a fellow man, Talk to others about the truth, keep getting knock down and still stand on what there beleive in. They gather as two or more in his name no mater where or when God opens the door to praise HIs name

Guys you are so right. My last church I left about a year ago now and I have not been happier. I think there is something higher than ourselves but I do not agree with the things taught at my old church. It was required for me to spend too much time away from my family, I was over the youth department and the church expected me to spend all my time with the youth of the church. I had to put a foot down and then out the door.

that is a great quote digitalartist. And I believe so true as well!

Someone once said: Religion is for people who are afraid of going to hell; spirituality is for people who have been there.<br />
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That rings true for me!

I believe that there is a higher power, be it god or something else, but you are quite correct, the church is man made.

Church - a gathering of two or more people to discuss God and to worship him. God may be just the cumulative hopes of all humanity. He may be a real and powerful entity. I am not sure, but I know there is a God. Do not be led astray by church dogma and some preacher telling you he/she knows everything about God. Just sit down now and then and think about it. This is a beautiful world. It came from somewhere. That somewhere might be God. I am not sure. Treat you fellow man as you would want to be treated and search for the truth. That's all we can do. Good luck. God bless you.

I agree with you. But still, I believe God (or however we may call it - Universal Force etc.) exists.