i personally.... don't share your belief on quite the same level, i think. I think it's super neat that you can find something that you have put your faith into believing. I think it's definately alright for people to not believe in god, i think. if there is a god however, i don't think he would be all that religion says he is. i think the religion part is just the people. i think god would be on a higher level of consious than we can fathom. If he exists........... there is probably alot more lieniance and alot less judgement involved in how he decides who deserves what in whatever afterlife there may or may not be. And most people who dont bellieve in god are very malicioius toward people who do because they think that people who believe in god refuse to acknowledge the more logical side of it's existance. Which is sometimes true. People who follow relgion, however, are sometimes guilty of the same crime. they choose to... in laymans terms "bash" "non believers" and dub them guilty not following the rightniousness and wisdom of religion and the lord. However, i believe that people who dont share those beliefs are for the most part, good fair people. they don't need "guidence" or "enlightenment" they are content with the way they believe life works and they deserve respect for that. they don't need to "bash" religious people. but they also don't need to BE "bashed" for being non religios or atheist or whatever they happen to be. Religion and what you learn from it's teachings (i believe) should not AlWAYS be considered credible sources to use when searching for a way to believe in god. There is no way that in the time religion has existed, that it has not been altered and mispercieved and misused to the point where it isn't really what you should be considering "gods will". Religion has been known in the past to have a..... "tricky" or "manipulative" reputation...... which is why you should only take from it what you believe is acceptable to a god.Again i myself...... am not really what you would call a "religious" person. i just feel that people should have a more colaberative veiw on how we choose to percieve it, and not be so malicious toward one another on the specifics of it.
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I agree with you. I think religion is all man made. And it amazes me how many people just follow what others tell them to. They don't sit down and really think about things.