Sadly the fact that I don't believe in it or condone it doesn't make it any less real and powerful. Organized religion has fueled some of the deadliest wars in all of mankind and has created one of the most corrupt regimes to ever exist (that's you catholic church). In my personal opinion, an organized religion is nothing but an overglorified cult. People live for it, die for it and generally end up killing for it. How anyone can look at history and the plain facts and still support it, I'll never know...

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i go to a catholic school and they try to brain wash me everyday, i know everything i have to say and when to say it...I hate religion... how can we be taught that religion makes us happy and gives us hope when all it really does is tell us to shut up and sit down.<br />
Religion is just a set of rules, put in place so that the people in charge has all the power over you.<br />
<br />
Believe in the power of people and yourself not some god that you pray to for everthing that goes wrong in your life.<br />
The power of the human mind is much stronger than we give it credit for... its not a god that makes wonderful things happen....its you...

dude (i call everyone dude don't worry about it) , i don't know what religion to be. i get what some people talk about, like reincarnation and the animals being sacred and stuff, but other religions it's like what are you talking about? So i just kind of go my own way. but still be careful when you diss other religons i have people that are catholic.

Not all fanatics are religious.

I am not religious. I think religion comes between a person and their own spirituality by setting rules. There are some very open churches, who don't organise so much as provide a little meeting place for discussion and all that, for people who very broadly happen to agree on certain points of belief, you just don't hear about the normal pleasant, open churches because they don't kick-up a fuss all the time to get attention. <BR>~Of course if their were no organised religion, then people would still believe in God or god or gods. <BR>~If religion were banned, this discussion could be illegal, since we could all be said to be attempting to preach our point of veiw? <BR>It's like the way Atheism is sorta organised too, I mean it is a pretty strict belief system. There is no middle ground. An Atheist must believe no god what-so-ever, it is narrow in what it accepts, it accepts nothing beyond the visible. All else is kinda scorned at, some Atheists would call any spiritual belief madness.. <BR>some psychopaths would call any emotions madness! <BR> opposed to the irreligious, that is, those not declaring a side to take.. but supporting the individuals right to have his/her own free will. You need free will to accept any faith. :)<BR>I am rambling, but i guess i'm saying. There are more than a few who don't believe in organised religion, but who really do still want to declare themselves believers in God. They want to meet people with similar ideas and discuss with them.. but to each retain their independance ..they soon pick a name for the place where they meet.. or their clique. There you have religion beginning again.. people want to conform to, and find acceptance in. a group that promises them unconditional acceptance, whilst expecting/obligating conformity.<BR>They'll always want to.. birds of a feather flock together.

I am not religions,,,and I am not catholic,,,but man has to suffer the consequences for what they have said all in the name of their religion,,,love and light mary

Lol, thank you for your support :)<br />
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I'm used to it, lol