The Unnecessary Nature of Religion

As I paused from my daily tasks today, a thought struck me... "Religions" are really unnecessary... and I'll tell you why.

I had just been reading Zecharia Sitchin's book, "The End Of Days", in which he records his researches and conclusions therefrom, concerning the ancient Sumerian religious beliefs and the later Hebrew ones recorded in the Christian Bible, which are in quite large part based on the Sumerian... and I thought: Yes; here they were, trying to work out when the "End of Days" that were mentioned in these writings, would occur. Some said in the equivalent of A.D. 2240 or 2900; the Mayan Calendar suggests 2012, and Sir Isaac Newton calculated from his biblical studies that the End of Days might be "between 2132 and 2370, or between 2090 and 2374, or between 2060 and 2370". Some said "when the Planet of the Crossing (Nibiru) returns" (whenever that would be - and they were trying to work that out)...

When I reviewed the several religions or philosophies of the world with which I have some familiarity, and how they state their view of the beginning and ending of our world, and how we should behave in the meantime, I thought to myself - yes; some say this and some say that, but what do I say? What does my heart tell me? Don't worry too much about the mind - that will have all sorts of arguments and ideas from others about what these things should be - but what does my HEART have to say about it? What do I FEEL is right?

And it suddenly became apparent to me that its because of our propensity to accord others' opinions more honour than our own thinking / feeling, that we take on a pre-made, pre-thought-out scheme to guide our footsteps in this world. But that's just somebody else's idea of what is right. Sure, it is often given the imprimatur of "God Says..." but then these people often go on to impose their ideas on their fellows, and kill or go to war against those who don't accept it; and to me, that is a signal that they have grossly misinterpreted something. It is a glaring example of how religions divide people rather than unifying them. And that is inconsistent with some other things that they teach.

So to me, religious doctrines and beliefs are for those who don't want to explore the "Inner Realities" of their lives themselves, but want to go by the rules that somebody else has said are the right ones. Once you realise what is happening with this, and how dangerous it is to "take other peoples' word for it", you see that nothing else will do for you but to do your own work from first principles of what you know, and feel in your heart. The only pre-requisites that I can see, are that you are sincere, can be honest with yourself, and are prepared to let your understanding grow as you go along.

When one is a child, one will naturally be given the considered guidance of a parent; but thinking and feeling things out for oneself should be encouraged once one is sufficiently experienced to do so - and the world-view developed, honoured as far as possible within one's own guidelines.

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If you are in search of first things first and apparently you are, you must begin at the beginning of what You know. Everything in our lives that we think or think of is from the world of reference. We only know what we have been exposed to in one form or another. Everything else would be considered imagination or fantasy. This is not to say what we know is absolute truth BECAUSE it is derived from the world of reference. We can not nor we will ever invent anything including religion. We merely discover. Residing elsewhere, UNTOUCHED by man and therefore sterile in our inner search for the truth is BELIEF. Belief is impervious to reference and accordingly is formed without prejudice in our minds. To wholy discount religion is tantamount to discounting our own ability to reason. It is just not that easy as saying " I do not believe" therefore it does not exist in my being. Opinions on the necessity of anything spiritual is tantamount to the necessity to validate an unknown....or in others words put bluntly............DO NOT BELIEVE EVERYTHING YOU THINK.<br />
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I love what u say about thinking for yourself and going by what u feel.<br />
people in general don't want to look too deep inside themselves and prefer to follow instead of lead.<br />
Even if it is just leading themselves on a path that is fit for them.<br />
They follow rules and laws somebody has lade down for them and when u in organized religion and dare to think out of the box u are told u have a rebeliouse spirit. NO we just decided not to be one of the sheep any longer saying ba ba ba and never haveing our own opinion. So now we looked at as being back sliders and not haveing fellowship. I don't care I fellowship with God every day alot more than what I did when I was in Church. Hope u have an awsome day!

Thank you! Have a good day too! I think that people who say you're a backslider etc., etc., for having views contrary to your religion, are being challenged by the idea that their wholehearted acceptance of dogma might be wrong... and since they are depending upon it to get them into heaven, now they are feeling insecure. Mind you, any thinking person must recognise that navigating one's way through this confusing world is a bit of a nightmare - and who wouldn't want instructions on how to get through successfully? But the place to look for those is in one's own heart and soul...

I would point out that this "end of days" thing is typical of certain people manipulating religion to tell their own story and too scaremonger.<br />
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It is actually completely wrong to say that the Mayan's predicted the end of the world in 2012 - they did not. The Mayan calendars are divided into ages & their calendar simply shows that 2012 marks the end of one age and the beginning of another. That has nothing whatsoever to do with the end of the world. 2012 simply will mark the end of a Mayan calendar period that began in 3114 BC and will be followed by a new age of the same length.<br />
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So why is it so widely believed that we shall be facing some kind of apocalypse? Almost certainly because a lot of people think it makes a "cool story" on the one hand and also because a few fundamentalist christians who are obsessed with the book of Revelation see it as a handy way of stoking some coal on their own particular fire.

There are a few other pointers that suggest that there's more to 2012 than the end of an age in the Mayan Calendar! I have written somewhat in my story "Information Upon Year 2012"

"organised religion" is just the culture and traditions of humans. If God is real and personal then God should be experienced and that should be the foundation of our faith. This experiential knowledge is the basis for my faith. <br />
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"but then these people often go on to impose their ideas on their fellows, and kill or go to war against those who don't accept it; and to me, that is a signal that they have grossly misinterpreted something. It is a glaring example of how religions divide people rather than unifying them."<br />
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Islam first spread through violence and war by forced conversion. After Constantine made "Christianity" the official religion of he holy Roman empire the catholic church rose as an oppressive authority in Europe, the whole church-state thing, and abused its power by claiming to be the only valid means of interpreting the Greek/Hebrew texts, to illiterate people, and using this power to their own financial advantage -- this is why the protestant revolution happened, then the catholic inquisition to kill it off and a thirty year war between Catholics and Protestants. BUt none of these historical events have anything to do with the teachings of Jesus, they are just typical humans doing evil to other humans, nothing of which the New testament espouses.<br />
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So be careful NOT to brush of the bible due to the acts of religious zealots, with hidden agendas and selfish ambitions who wear the guise of righteousness and fervour. THey are wolves dressed as sheep.

I agree with you wholeheartedly.

I have struggled to work within the church system; but everything I value has come from outside the religious system.<br />
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I have met some great people who were able to function within that system; but still have not figured out how they did it.

agreed. if youre going to talk the talk, then walk the walk. read the bible yourself!

Hello Waiwera!<br />
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This is a very good read and I totally agree with you.

Am reading the book 'God is not great' by Christopher Hitchens... and while I agree with most of what he has to say about organised religion poisoning everything; I believe he's missed the point on God.<br />
If any of you are interested in discovering what our purpose is, try reading Pearl Nabi's articles at Helium... some interesting stuff there and is in the opposite direction to organised religion.

It seems religion (all 190 Christian ones) is aimed at the creation of power over people. It also seems it is a way for some to make money through fear. I have been a fundamentalist (depressing), a Buddhist and have searched long and diligently and finally came to the conclusion after having my own church and being a "Reverend" - I am a loner in this dimension and must search for my own truth through the live experiences I have had. My most recent search has led me to believe in resonance and vibrational energy. Another way to say what we put out into the universe is what we get back. <br />
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And, I also now believe that "Religion is for people who are afraid of going to hell. Spirituality is for people who have already been there". <br />
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I appreciate you bring this subject up. Mox

Thank you all for your comments! Glad you liked the "story"!

great post, I totally agree

Beautifully put! I have come to believe that being able to cope with ambiguity is the mark of a mature (or at least maturing) soul. Going with what you believe is right, and rejecting dogma that is not more based in reality, but is generally accepted, is learning to accepting and embrace ambiguity while maintaining faith in your own good sense. It is so much easier to buy into someone else's ideas hook line and sinker, accept them as the one and only truth, and parrot what they say. But no one has the answer, and learning to listen to your own inner voice is a much more reasonable way of getting close to the truth while simultaneously learning about the depths of yourself and your character.<br />
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Thank you for sharing your story!

See this is what more people should do and its this kind of thinking that has made me very happy. I wasn't satisfied with what was being fed to me so I decide to go and get my own meal. The only thing any religion has to offer me that I carry on with is the golden rule because if anything it should be the most honored of them all. But thats it, from that point I do my own thing and find out things for myself, hell i've even made it a point to ask all of the belief groups here on EP what they have to offer me because I want to learn more then what was given to me growing up.

Good on ya, Mate!