For all of you who do believe in a God, the place you were born in, your colour, your nationality, your appearance and the language you speak doesn't matter. Your faith and your belief is all you need. Your gods are one- he has different names. Don't be deceived. Your prayer, your manner of worship, the way you join your hands may be different- but it all means the same. Don't see God as a religious concept. See him as a belief you all share. You'll learn to love him and each other. A church, a mosque, a temple, a gurudwara- they're different homes. They're all beautiful. God probably likes all of them. So, don't love one and hate another.
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"The least dissonant stance is atheism" (Christopher Hitchens). This means abandon ALL religions as much more freedom and happiness comes.

People are blinded by religion it's not about that it's about a relationship with the creator of the universe God

Islam call God Allah and don't believe in trinity, Scientology don't define a God, Hinduism believe Jesus is one of many sons of Brahman, Jehovah witness everything is Jehovah and no trinity and go by Joseph smith writings and all them believe you can work your way up by goodness but Christianity is different because they believe if you except grace through faith and not of your own self it is a free gift of God that no one should boast they believe John 3:16 and in the trinity, so it can not be the same God. Jesus says I am the way the truth and the life no one can get to the father except by me. But to say we all worship in our own way is true.

The ONLY way to get to the Father (God) is through His Son (Jesus). Plain and simple. For it is Written. Tried and true by yours truly. And Christians are NEVER to hate.. not even our enemies. We are commanded to love them and pray for them. The Bible is absolutely the Truth.

I'm not trying to be mean but you're one of the ones causing problems in the world. We are all Gods children and there are many paths to God. Jesus is just one path, Buddha another. When people come up with the childish idea that their way is the only way it leads to suffering on all sides. How can you say you love those who don't believe what you do when you condemn them to Hell? That's violent. You say the Bible is absolute truth but Hindus say the same for their holy book. I pray the people of this world will one day rise above these dangerous childish ideas.

OK. I understand why you feel this way. So let me explain. Christianity is a RELIGIOUS PHILOSOPHY to follow. It IS NOT a RELIGION. Most people, including many many Christians, are confused on this. And as far as loving all those that don't believe, well, we do because the Bible commands us to. But WE do not condemn ANYONE to hell. That decision belongs to God alone. And yes, we are all God's children, but we have all been given a choice too. Does that mean that children or adults who have never even heard the Gospel of Christ automatically go to hell. I doubt it! They were never given the same choice you and I have. BUT, that decision, along with homosexuals who are Christians, divorcees who remarry, etc.. all belong to God. He makes it crystal clear that we are NOT TO JUDGE. All I'm doing on here is trying to do MY JOB as a Christian, and that is to spread the Gospel of Christ Jesus and educate where I can. Its your and anyone else's choice whether to accept it or reject it. But if you reject it, can't say you weren't warned. That's all, and God bless.


I agree with you a 100 percent you speak truth your not the problem

I will continue to pray for you guys. I remember the other side from before this life and I remember God. God is Love and does not judge and never condemns people to Hell. Hell is a state of existence usually on this world. It hurts that you guys my fellow soul siblings forget so much and decide to preach brainwashed hate born of ignorance. But I know you mean well and I love who you truly are not because a book told me to but because I know who you guys truly are. After all I know the Bible too and I also love and appreciate the life and teachings of Jesus. "Don't judge they know not what they do." <3

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