I hope I am not the only one frustrated with the following. Church of England bishops writing to David Cameron requesting 60000 refuges are taken into the UK. Here are my thoughts:

1) It implies having such a position is morally superior to those without faith.

2) I suspect a proselytising motive behind it as the numbers in churches dwindle.

(Don't worry, I am not blind to the fact that there is some human goodwill behind their plea, but I get very angry with religion raising people up on a false pedestal. I hate it because I, like many many other nonbelievers, are good for goodness sake. Period.)

Religion poisons everything.
TrevorThomson TrevorThomson
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Religious organisations today are hypocritical, self-serving, criminal, and terrible child abusers.
Any organisation that frightens people from very young, by brainwashing them into believing one religions attitude, is guilty of criminal mental child abuse, some physical as well!
Any organisation that denies some sections of society equality because of their gender or sexual orientation is guilty of crass social injustice! That applies to every religious organisation on earth.
One day maybe all of god’s children may be treated equally by everybody, but it is absolutely not the case today!
Certainly, organised religious groups continue to be the excuse for most violent conflict in the world, and the resulting misery and deaths.

I agree with everything in your post... Except 'God'.

The Church should not get involved it has nothing to do with them, the UK does want 60,000 layabout's that will live of the state, Free House, Free Education, Free Medical Treatment and a Cash payment weekly, we do not want anymore of these wasters.

In Leeds where I live, I was born and bred in Leeds most of the crime and rapes are committed by Asians so we do not want another 60,000 people from other lands of whom a high percentage will be criminals and terrorists.

I live in London and the last thing the UK needs is 60,000 immigrants and The Church of England has no say in these matters anyway, this Church is always looking at things that have nothing to do with them.

There opinion is not important and David Cameron will ignore these stupid people, immigration is nothing to do with the Church of England, they should be thinking instead of how to fill there empty Churches with people.

I love God. But I deplore religion!!!

Oh dear, you have misguided love if you also believe it was the creator of everything. Have you been to a children's hospice for cancer victims or contemplated why Elisabeth Fritzl was kept down in a dungeon for 24 years getting raped by her own father ('God' watching with indifference)?

That's ignorance speaking. God doesn't do those things. Evil doesn't come from God. He gave humans free will. It saddens him too of their choices.

Do you see the oxymoron there: "He gives free will". I am sure the word free doesn't mean it is granted to you by someone else, a father you are forced to love and to fear. A celestial North Korea (Hitchens).

No ones forcing anyone. It's clear you do not. It's your choice. I won't argue my beliefs with you. That's not why I'm here. You are totally entitled to your opinion

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