When you condemn the Paris attacks , Muslims directly tell you; there are Muslims dying in Burma, Palestine and Syria, you know! Why are you not condemning those?

It is exactly as if you are holding the funeral of a family member of yours and someone shows up at your doorstep and tells you; my uncle died too you know, why are you not holding a funeral for him? Can't see the connection, I mean, do you want us to say, there was a terrorist attack in Paris, therefore, we must support the Muslims of Burma?

What is even the connection between the two, when an attack takes place in Paris, why do we find Muslims saying, there are Muslims dying in (location) too btw?

It makes me feel that the way Muslims react, as if they are afraid Paris attacks will "steal their thunder" of all the insanity and death going on in their countries, they are not happy about the fact that they are not occupying the usual spaces on news websites that are daily, 24/7, reporting the death going on in their countries, they feel left out, yes, because death is something to brag about, we have more dead people, we win.
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Some of these attackers started out being liberal, (was proven), then they switched their beliefs to religion..

I doubt any of them was ever a staunch atheist
or secularist , or a defender of egalitarianism, or even a moderate feminist, so I wonder what kind of Liberalism that is supposed to be. They were always religious but they radicalized after becoming delinquents.

The peddle of FEAR. They peddle in fear, so that we turn on each other, they then win.
So, all loss of life is sad, no matter how it happens.
The cycle of life continues, in rubble babies still get born.
Then live your life and be the best you can be for you. AND...love all those that you can.
Peace begins in you.....

So, it is like.. we don't care if the innocents die anywhere around the world.. we will only condemn when innocents die in Europe.. because that's is what media wants us to do... great..

Who told you that we don't care about other victims and that we only care about Europeans? If you just check out my stories, you will realise that what you are saying is purely stupid, maybe you should put it some other way? That you don't care when innocents die in Euorope and hate it when the media acknowledges it ?

An unusual attack happens, over hundred people die, you don't want the media to speak out? You don't want people to condemn when something like this happens in a peaceful safe country which doesn't have such attacks as a daily act as many countries in the ME? Why don't you say it bluntly that you don't want to condemn any attacks in Euorope instead of dodging it and hiding it behind "people are dying everywhere"?

im sorry I didn't point it to u, I meant it in general.. and I also did condemn the Paris attacks and it is absolutely wrong to attacks innocents.. hundreds of innocents died in the attack and my condolences are with the families of those innocent victims.. there are thousands dying every day in Palestine N Syria.. everyday... and there is no end to this.. Don't u feel double standards the way the media handles this..?? that's my point..

They are everyday on the news, aren't they? Aren't the conflicts of the ME everyday on the news and are being discussed almost all the time? I am still not sure why people are saying that condemnation only happened with Paris attacks, you are making me feel that news websites and channels are celebrating the deaths in other countries! They have been reporting, completely covering and condemning the deaths happening every single day for years now, then why are people annoyed that Paris attacks got the attention of the media? Aren't the countries you are referring to everyday on the news and are reported on the news by western media too?

Maybe people want to avoid facing the real issue, the real issue is not so much coming from the media, actually a lot of committed journalists are doing an amazing job.

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You were right to say that people get jealous of the tragedy of other groups, because they like presenting themselves as martyrs. Especially when it's martyrdom by proxy. A variation on this theme is young sutlers that refuse to care for the victims that seem closer to their lives, their family, their supposed culture, and will only bleed for the underdog. Unfortunately some will go so far as to say 'they deserved it'. In the name of history, in the name of religious allegiance, only forgetting that the victim was very much like them. Or maybe that's just the point, forgetting it could be them.

All so very true, exactly what i meant and what i wanted to say. I have tried to make some Muslims see that, I have told them that they will feel a lot different if it was a member of their family that was lost in the attacks, I bet you won't try to justify it then, I bet you will not say they deserved it because their government has done something, but all of them have totally ignored this point when I brought it up, I guess they have nothing to say to it, but they don't want to think it this way because once they do, they can feel what a tragedy that attack was .. they have no idea that very possibly they could be tomorrow's victims, would they want anyone to justify their death then? I think not.

Me neither!