When my children were toddlers, I did a year with a Baptist church that was masquerading as a "Non-Denominational" church. Some of my friends attended this church, so I gave it a chance.
It was a good social experience. I enjoyed the services and the teachings as long as I remained detached. I would probably still be there if I hadn't agreed to attend a bible study group. There, it became obvious that I was different. I became the person they need to save. It was as if they were trying to remove God from my soul. I felt as if they were forcing me to constrain, confine and define God within a book. I felt my world getting smaller. I was feeling fear and distrust toward people that were not a part of this religious group. I felt the need to run. I loved these women and valued their friendship, but I had to let them go.
The pastor and his wife did everything they could to keep me from leaving. They took it personally. I tried to explain, but they couldn't understand. Now, when I see them in public I hug them both and ask how they are doing. The hurt in their eyes is always there and they thank me for speaking to them and hugging them. I never meant to hurt them. I do like them as people. I wish that religion wasn't their "business".
As for my friends, we remain friendly but because most of the social is with the church we have drifted apart. I understand this and am not hurt by the loss.
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When you scratch beneath the friendly surface of so called Non Denominational churches and see what they actually believe and teach, it's the same fundamentalist theology you'll get in a conservative Baptist church. As a social resource it's great, you just have to be careful not to let it go any farther than that. And you have to be aware that you have a witnessing target on your forehead. You may form genuine friendships, but there will always be that lust for your soul. It's like men having platonic female friends. It's possible but the guy is still mentally undressing her.


People often think I'm an atheist because I question religion so much.

I'm not really an atheist. I'm just an a-religionist.

What if all the world's religions were wrong about God?