Oh great, another anti religion rant from an evil nonbeliever. Not really, not entirely. What I offer, what I propose is not to insult any other faith, but to offer a new one. A religion void of the earlier wars and hatred of every race but our one chosen people. Whoever you are, I understand that only you matter, it’s all about you. Now I call on a new belief, a faith in “humanity “ our religion is a peoples belief in our world, our lives, our children, this world. A world of dirt and water and air. And life. Not merely human life, but all life. Take all the good things from all the other faiths, all the books, scrolls and texts. And keep them safe. Remove all the hurtful racist, wars and genocide of everyone to keep your pure race clean. What’s that all about? Instead of “this you must do because God decrees it” how about “this you will do because it’s the right thing to do. The human thing” let us create man in our own image. I say, we create children in our own likeness, in our own world. Maybe there is a God out there somewhere. Maybe Gods. Let them rule the spirit world. That’s where they live. We need to take back control of this one. Why do we need a being who demands obedience and worship? Why do we listen to words many thousands of years old that tell us to kill one another? Why do we put so much emphasis on science to say where we came from? They don’t know anymore than you do. No more than I do. Detailed explanations are given in the scientific world. People who want to appear educated say, “ yes, yes, that makes sense” I tell you. It does not. Yes I believe evolution is a thing. It happens. Maybe it happened to us. But something is missing. In the movie 2001 the missing link was the obelisk. It’s a fitting metaphor for what we don’t understand. Their is a definite “ something “ that happened. I don’t know what that something was, but it happened. Our spark of intelligence is shared by no other being on this world. Not Europe, not Africa, not Asia. The world. Religion and the God’s were built on fear. Obey me or spend eternity in hell. Who can argue that? I will give you everything you need if you worship me. And if I don’t, or if I take it away, trust me. It’s for your own good. But worship me anyway and I will reward you in the afterlife. Use the brain you’re God supposedly gave you and think. I often say I just want to know the truth. As I get older I am coming to terms with that mindset. What if? What if one day someone told me the truth? Or maybe finely read a book that explained that truth. And now I know the real story, the truth. I’ll wake up the next day, and go to work, providing for my family. I’ll clean up the yard on the weekend and I will no longer ponder truth. That last part is all that will change in my life. My new truth is that we matter. Life, matters. Without life, we die. To quote a movie. If the Earth dies, we die. What part of that don’t you get? One more thing.
To ISIS and people like them I say you are all cowards. Bullies and cowards. Afraid to live and join the human race. Afraid to take part in our world. Afraid of me and people like me. That is why you wish to kill us. Cowards kill that which they fear and call themselves brave. You are all useless people. Humanity is the new religion. The old people called the Earth Mother. Is that so wrong? This is where we live now. Why do you fret about the unknown after life? Concern yourself with that when you get there. Think about here, while you are here.
Jcoe Jcoe
56-60, M
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Joe this is kinda long to read for me :( since English is not my first language,but hope you're doing ok

Hi Juri. It's OK. If I was reading something in Japanese I could spend a lifetime reading one sentences. Lol. Your fine. Thank you.

Organised religion contributes nothing to society that is why so many Churches in the UK are shutting down, lack of attendance.

I want to say my new religion would finally contribute to society.