There Is No Pride In Being Part Of An Organized Religion

In my opinion ,there is no reason whatsoever to be proud of belonging to an organized religion.
With all due respect I don´t  understand how someone can feel proud of being Jewish,Muslim,Catholic , etc, when those are simply insular ways  created by men to explain our relationship with the unknown  with all the limitations we as humans have to understand it.

That is not a personal achievement you can claim as yours. Being a member of an organized religion is not a distinction you earn thru hard work. It is normally imposed on you in childhood, or chosen for pretty selfish reasons in adulthood.

I was raised Catholic, I was never asked if I wanted to be Catholic, it was just the way it had to be in those days.
So I grew up belonging to a Church I knew very little about, but that didn´t matter.  The important part was to be a follower , to attend services and to recite almost incomprehensible prayers but not to have a deep understanding of what this creed was about. I never liked feeling like I was not supposed to understand certain mysteries, certain dogmas and rituals. I wanted to, but nobody bothered to explain them to me in a rational and respectful way. After years of dissapointment and a lots of soul searching I finally distanced myself from the Church, and I have never looked back. And the more I read history books the more ashamed I am of having ever belonged ( although not voluntarily) to a Church who insisted to convert everyone to their faith by killing, burning or segregating.

And these horrible practices have been the same for pretty much all  other religions, like the other two  I mentioned above , that are equally full of man-made dogmas, rituals, fears, guilt , sins , Holy Wars and isolation, and for the hundreds of other new religions that are created everyday by sharp businessmen who promote Eternal Salvation for the exchange of dollars, material possessions and your soul.

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Well put. I also feel that what you said applies to the more "new agey" religions. Religion that is not tolerant of others' beliefs sets up an "us vs them" mentality. We alone have all the answers. All the other groups are wrong. If you are not one of us, then you are evil and our enemy. And you'll be punished.

Nice job. Bravo!

Do you feel this way about "organized religion" or ALL religion?

Yes I am Agree with you :)

i most definetly agree with you! the thing is. That absolutly no one Knows wether there is a god or not. Thats not what matter anyway. What IS treating others the way you would care to be trated and also to do good in life and help. I do not believe one shoulded be segregated or lef out of even a friendship in adulthood simply because they do not believe in the same things. I have seen that happen before and it is not right. People should like people for who they are. not where they come from or what religion they are.

Hello my friend,<br />
<br />
I highly respect your thoughts on the matter of the world’s religions! They have committed most of the world atrocities! The problem is they go against the very thing their Holy book teaches against. I am involved in a Global ministry where we teach people what the Bible really teaches… Love…not what the priest or minister says.<br />
The Catholic church signed an agreement with Hitler that pretty much had them turn their heads to the slaughter! The worst treatment I get in my ministry is NOT from those such as yourself; those not professing to be Christians…it is always from some “so called” religious person or christian. <br />
I have no problem with what you believe; it’s your choice and I should still show you Agape (Love base on High principals). You are a fellow human and the Creator gave you FREE WILL to choose your course in life. <br />
The Bible is correct…the ones holding it is the problem!

to student of unify,first of all when you a kid growing up in church you're mom are held acountible for not taking you're child to church ,after you old enough to know ,that jesus died for are sins then you're held accountible for you're actions,but it's sad know one ever taught you about the christan ,faiths so you sound like you're {angry because you don't have faith } but god don't beg anyone to except salvation it's free you come to him on you're own free wheel ,but tell me this who? do you think wake you up in the mornig , who do you think brought you in this world ,god created you and me in his own image ,god so love you ,he gave his only be gotten {son } so you could have life ,and you put him down like what you ,saying out of you're {mouth} prov; 18-20 read that -scripture {eph;4;31}speaks about anger, out burst,excuses, selfcontrol,{prov;30;33 i pray that you will be touch by something i've said .i don't know you but would'nt want you're soul to go to hell. {jerimiah]17;9 spoke about david ,he ask god to create him a clean {heart} bless you , diane moss. you need prayer and that's ok.

This kind of reminds me of George Carlin and his bit on racial pride. Why be proud of something that happened by chance, you didn't do anything to earn it. I can be proud of my beliefs though, they are mine and are a result of a few years of searching. But like you I was raised catholic, but my main problem wasn't the religion itself and the instances of the bible that didn't make sense (not my main problem anyway) My big problem was the people. "This message was supposed to be from God himself, we should be very blessed that we have it!" However looking around church you could tell that maybe about 20 people genuinely wanted to be there, and at the church I went to even the priest didn't seem like one of the 20. Everyone had the same feeling I did, obligation. Catholicism puts so much guilt on you that you feel obligated to follow which isn't my deal. "this man gave his life for you!" ...about 2000 years ago... "God sent his one and only son to save us!" ...but we're all God's children... the whole Catholic attitude sent me on my journey so I guess I should be thankful.

I believe in being FREE & holding a strong belief in something. Therefore I believe we all should take the good from anyone, any religion and hold true to it and live by it's goodness.<br />
<br />
Being good is the TARGET.<br />
<br />
I guess what I'm saying is that we all are born good. We know what's bad. The big question is will we allow ourselves to do those BAD things.<br />
<br />
Bad things are controlling peoples beliefs, hurting others mentally & physically, lying, stealing, ect......<br />
<br />
Peace my friends.

I am still reeling from the Pat Robertson announcement that it was a "true story" The Hatians 200 years ago made a pact with the devil... The Africans had been ruthlessly kidnapped by French Slavers and tortured--packed into filthy holds of slave ships and --mercilessly forced to labor for the criminals who enslaved them.. When they rebelled successfully and gained their freedom---it was the "Devil" who made this possible.. The Devil had nothing to do with the slavers who stole these people from their doubt those French slavers were good Christians, just like Pat Robertson. I heard just yesterday that Pat Robertson raised a lot of money for relief to the nation of Rhwanda. Somehow a large portion of the money was invested in diamond mines....When this was reported to the Government in Virginia--they declined to prosecute--they said, that a portion of the money was used for relief. The scariest part of all this is that American citizens send millions of dollars to this man....they believe the things that he says.

All religion is a form of tribalism. Us and Them. So is team sports, political organizations and various other groupings of humanity. Its natural behaviour but since we are supposed to be intelligent animals, we should strive to keep our tribalism to ourselves. 'Converting' people is a kind of bullying and domination and seemingly justifies their 'specialness' by attracting witnesses. Very religious people and other types of fanatics are usually inadequate personalities that require an external fr<x>amework of behaviour because of their lack of internal cohesive boundaries. Lacking these boundaries, they seek an outside agency to provide them, thereby raisng the need for a 'god' or other type of all powerful idol. They are therefore only a step away from a stalker.

Ya, I trye and respect all religions as much as possible but it's hard when these people come up to you without being asked, and judge, think they are right about everything and want to convirt you. I know where you are comming from.....

Music Mouse, I used to explain to my children that the ten commandments were like when I told them to only cross the street when the light was green---and to look both ways no matter what color it was. You can run across the street when the light is red- and probably get away with it many times...eventually you take the risk of getting seriously hurt. You can break the commandments many times and probably get away with it---eventually you take the risk of getting seriously hurt.

Religion, church, money, nor good deeds will get anyone through the gates of heaven. We all fall short of the glory of God. Our only saving grace is a relationship with God, to be born again and truly repent our sins. Jesus was the only pure sacrifice that was worthy to die for our sins ap that we can chose life. But it is that, our choice. Many many people are disappointed everyday when they die and realize that they will be dying the 2nd death. That they will be separated from his oresence forever. The bible is the word of <br />
God and it says that no one cometh to the Father but by Him. He must know you and you Him or you will be condemned. You are already condemned if you choose to deny him, his existence or his love and forgiveness. Take the time to read the bible or ask someone that can help you answer your questions. It is eternity we are talking about and I know He is waiting for you to accept Him and be free.

I'm going to chime in on this. I'm a practicing Christian, and I have faith in my God...<br />
<br />
This, however, does not give me the right to cram what I believe down your throat. Jesus Christ said that any relationship between God and Man is personal... Period. Unfortunately, there have been too many people through the centuries who have taken their views, and forced them upon the world, because they forgot one very simple precept: You are INVITED to enter into a relationship with God, it should never be a command. Kind of like joining the military - you sign on to the unit, and THEN the drill instructor starts in on you, because YOU want to be there.<br />
Me, I believe that God works within my life. When I was in the Marine Corps, God kept me mindful of the tool I have been given to do my job, to stay alive, and to forgive myself for doing what the military is tasked to do.<br />
In my view, mankind is flawed, we are all sinners, and that's okay, because we are loved regardless, and, yes, that means anyone who purports themselves to be leaders of a faith group (pick one, any one). And, as flawed human beings, they really screwed things up, and left a bad taste in everybody else' mouths - probably did more harm than good.<br />
Do I have the right to condemn those who don't believe as I do? Absolutely not! Like I said, it's a personal thing: I need to put my house in order before I start worrying about my neighbors, and that will take my entire life to do... And my neighbors are more than capable of making up their own minds, they don't need me to do it for them.<br />
Believe in what you will. Take strength where you will. I have chosen Christ, because He works for me, but your mileage may vary...<br />
Do I question God? Absolutely. I wouldn't follow a God who was so weak that He couldn't stand up to the serious questions I have for Him. I just don't put him to the test. (I wouldn't throw myself off of a cliff in the hopes that He would catch me, or buffer my fall. I would die, and then, at the Pearly Gates, He would chastise me for being an idiot and throwing myself off of the cliff in the first place, because there are really better things for me to do than kill myself.)<br />
I ask questions, and so should you, and anyone who criticizes your asking of the questions is in the wrong, and I'll be the first person to stand at your side I say so...<br />
"But what about the Jews, the Buddhists, the Hindus, the Muslims, the Native Americans? Don't you believe that God condemns them because they don't believe it the same things you do?" you might ask.<br />
My answer is simple: My own flaws will keep me so busy that I don't have time to condemn anyone else... I am a flawed human being, one of billions, and only arrogance would prompt me to believe that God has revealed to me His entire PLAN. I mean, I just don't have Need To Know, and I'm not sure that I could wrap my mind around The PLAN if I could see it...<br />
In short, I don't use my faith to judge others, and I certainly don't elevate myself because I'm a Christian. It's the path I've set upon, just between Him and me, and it works for me.<br />
There's an open invitation to join me on the journey, but I'm not going to ask anyone to go if they don't want.<br />
Peace be with you all.<br />

You are of course absolutely entitled to your opinion. My guess is yours is the majority opinion in the U.S. and certainly the majority opinion in Europe. <br />
<br />
I am very proud to be a Roman Catholic. On Friday I attended the annual March for Life. I felt embarrassment at how Catholic the march was. There were certainly many Orthodox Christians, some Orthodox Jews, and small scattering of various Protestant groups. Probably 70 percent of 400,000 there were Roman Catholics. They froze to the bone and marched for miles to defend the sanctity of life. Yes, it bothers me that I will never see most of my pro-life friends at an anti-war rally, or pro-health care for all rally. That however is modern politics. As the Democratic Party has shunned the pro-life movement, even its own pro-life members like Robert Casey Senior and Junior, the Republicans have become the good guys (sic). That is fault of pro-life liberal Democrats like myself for not being more involved in the movement. <br />
<br />
I would agree that being raised in a particular faith brings only credit to your parents. At least it gives you something to rebel against in adolescence. When I wads young the prayers were in Latin an most people comprehended them just fine. There was the Latin on the left and the English on the right. If you actually showed up for 52 Sundays and 6 Holy Days, it was hard not to pick it up after a while. We had the old Baltimore Catechism, whether you accepted the Faith or not you knew what your Church taught. I am happy, pride is a sin, that as an adult I accept and grew in the Faith my parents exposed me to as a child. I don't accept any part of my Faith as rote and study the Faith in several different ways on daily basis. <br />
<br />
I am extremely proud to be a member of a Faith that has a consistent ethic of life that decries abortion, poverty, unequal distribution of nescessary commodities, unjustified warfare, euthanasia as all being violations of the consistent ethic of life which is the proper way to worship a God you is love itself. <br />
<br />
I would be surprised to have many people agree with me. Belief in God has fallen in this country to record lows. In Europe, a majority of people follow no organized religion and only a bare minority believe in God. Has any of that improved anything? <br />
<br />
Peace, <br />
<br />
Red Gabe

I dont no about u ppl or other religions but muslims re free to ask qs..Infact in the HOLY QURAN.u wil find mny many versees where u re asked to ponder..infact I think islam is de religion wid most controverseries.n its bcoz every schoiloar uses his own mind..has his own way of thinking....there re 4 main schools of thought...everone differs from other..and we are always encourage to ask qs...and when we have qs...we re always satisfied....i m realy very very proud to be a muslim.....

I agree with some of what is being said.<br />
<br />
The Aztec’s had a culture and a tradition and it revolved around an organized religion….which demanded human sacrifices.<br />
<br />
What’s funny to me is that I’m sure there were atheists living amongst the Aztec’s.<br />
<br />
Instead of being dragged by Mom and Dad to a boring Sunday Service as a kid in 2010…imagine being dragged by Mom and Dad to the steps of the pyramid where you got to see someone’s heart ripped out of their chest and offered to the gods! Well, you probably wouldn’t be bored as you watched their lifeless bodies roll down the temple steps spraying blood as it went.<br />
<br />
Now imagine being a 16 Aztecian and saying to Mom and Dad, “I don’t think I believe the magical Sky Gods exist and I don’t want to attend the Human Sacrifice rituals anymore.” I bet those ancient Mom’s and Dad’s said the same thing they say now, “How can you turn your back on your faith? Without a strong religious belief in the Sky Gods and human sacrifice, how can you expect to lead a moral life? Without a strong faith in ripping out the hearts of young virgins….there is no morality!”<br />
<br />
It’s strange that we can view the atheists living among the Aztec’s 2,000 years ago as intelligent and applaud them for rejecting a ridiculous organized religion….but as a society we refuse to honor our own atheists that way.<br />
<br />
Refuse to accept the Aztec’s organized religion? You’re a hero.<br />
<br />
Refuse to accept the supernatural dogma of the Christian religion in 2010? You’re a monster incapable of making moral decisions or acting in the best interests of the community…..and you would NEVER be elected President without some faith!

i can relate to your frustration towards the 'creator of the universe & all living thing' that we called God. me myself often confused by the stories in the bible, with other religion trying to compare itself to make people believe that their religion is the best. probably some of the factor is because of politics or it's the devil's work but there is something fishy going on because people keep on fighthing and hating one another.and religion is.. what separate us.and some would kill or give up their life for it.<br />
<br />
for what its worth, i also could not accept the fact that we are here living for nothing. out there should be someone greater than us. every religion gives good teaching, it is up to the believer to practice that way of a christian, i did not go to church every Sunday, do bad things sometime and did not remember everything in the bible.but i do believe in my faith, and religion always put me back on track whenever i'm feeling lost.<br />
<br />
and as for right now, i'm still trying to find the answer to all the question about His existence.about which one is right and what is wrong.but i do believe He exist, and meet us in the end eventually (lol..)

"There Is No Pride In Being Part Of An Organized Religion"<br />
- Spiritually and Religeosly ABSOLUTLEY CORRECT! Pride runs against any faith whatsoever. However tolerance and dependable love is the aim of it, sadly long lost in the church, it seems. <br />
<br />
God (or Krisna, Allah, Jehova or even Godess if you are thus enclined), for whatever reason by us, is constantly being sought after for help and love, then justice, fairness as well as knowledge and wisdom and beauty. He (or she for the Godess followers), more importantly is the idea or ideal in us all that there is something higher and ultimately stronger than us that knows *THE* Answers and can help(/fix) us when we no longer feel we can. <br />
<br />
We also have adversaies to this ideal which modern religion has labeled Satan, the Devil or De'ill or evil or whatever. What a pile of .... I mean, sure I believe it's out there but that doesn't mean everything slightly bad or misunderstood is of the Devil. <br />
<br />
God, in any religion wants people to know Him. This cannot be taught with hand-me-down prayers but with actual teachings. This is basic and a given. And considering my previous adversoryism, I should be supprised I haven't been condemned for telling Him where to go, becease the fact I'm still here today after it all speaks to me. <br />
<br />
I'm not proud at all. I haven't got much to be proud of. But knowing there's someone or something out there that could erase me with a thought, but keeps me here instead makes me think. If I'm me with my *ahem* ****, and He is Him, and I'm still here; then I can't be all bad, ay? And nor could you :)

all you have said has happend to to me up to i was 13 .so very true.

-claps- i love the comments and ur post very much =]<br />
I have only learned, not very in depth, but far more then i had ever known before, what the Spanish inquisition was all about... i LOVE my English teacher, because EVERYTHING she taught was some kind of attack on the Catholic church... not that i want to like attack it myself O.o<br />
<br />
although religion is so very flawed, to where it's like... the people that did these horrible things are the devil them selves, kinda of makes u think " funny how ur saying, it's in the name of all that is holy and god and what not... but um dude... ur basically listening to an evil force not a good one"... it dose has good sides to it...<br />
<br />
i only like religious organizations such as a church or a mass religion like Christianity/Catholicism, and ect... because of ONLY the good it dose for ppl that need it... my aunt needed the her church to help her drug recovery. so im grateful for that.. but it's liek taken over her mind.. she was always kinda of religions from her up bringing .. but now it's like insane<br />
<br />
<br />
i was FORCED to go to her chruch as punishment for doing bad in school.. wtf?! how can u use religion as a punishment? okay.. so im supposed to pray to a god for what reason exactly? i can pray , or rather talk to, whom ever or what ever i plz, with out doing it becuse i feel like i must to make up for something or as a punishment... i mean the who " ohh god,... what did i do this time.. um im srry ^^;;" or " oh crap i did it again, my bad" is diff from " You got an F so now u have to sit in a godforsaking room, listen to some crap u dont agree with, and not be allowed to scowl.. and listen to them singing..."<br />
<br />
<br />
my issue with churches or Christianity is really stupid.. when i was a kid i didnt get it, didnt like Sunday school, didnt blv what i didnt understand and was left alone when all the rest of the kids got to go to the park.... to me back them i was like 5 but i automatically felt "ok... everyone is supposed to be treated good , and im supposed to be a good girl... then why did god not let e go with the othe kids to the park and have to sin next to my mom, when she was praying, saying stuff i didnt understand, .. and the music was so loud it hurt my ears"<br />
to a five year old... not getting to go to the park or getting ice cream like the rest of the kids was a horrible thing and that either god didnt like me or god was not good... so from then on i really dont like churches...<br />
i'll only go iv volunteer.. and as long as i feel like no one is trying to convert me... im much happier to go to one, but be left alone, and to hear things that i can believe in and feel is totally true.. but some stuff they from the bible im like " wtf?!" uh ... the bible is flawed.. there are a lot of things missing, a things were gotten wrong, things were changed and altered, and it's just not right... they are stories mostly... not accurate first hand account....<br />
<br />
also to end my long ranty comment lol... if there is only ONE goddess or ONE god... then why the hell dont they come down here them selves, tell us what's what and the rules and all this and all that... or why dont we have it like hardwired in our brains from the moment we are born or conceived?! i dont get that... i do believe that there is something , someone, or someones.. i dont know what or who it is.. i can be a one eyes spaghetti monster for all i know or a cloud of dust... but all i do know is that .. with all the humans on earth that have so man diff. belief systems.. there is not jsut one and only religion... they are all wrong, and at the same time they are all Right in some ways... to force ppl to believe in only one idea is wrong... because if there was one and only right answer... the god/the goddess needs to tell us so we get it right away.. and that whole we have a choice thing is stupid.. tell us so we can understand.. not have only one or so many ppl every hundred or what not years sprouting around saying they know the true god... cus really they are insane B| or at the very least tell us ALL at the same time, and in a way we all can believe it if it is really true... other wise keep it to urself lol

Love and peace and grace to all.<br />
<br />
Without my faith, I would probably have gone mad when Matthew, my son, died at age 14.<br />
<br />

underconstruction, we have crossed paths again, and what you are saying here in your post and comments brings a deep and abiding respect for you to my heart. MusicMouse directed me here, knowing I would enjoy your post, and I must say it is some of the best writing and points on religion I have seen, probably in my life, even as a prolific reader! I studied religion as a young person, was in a Presbyterian church as a child, but went seeking on my own to almost every religion on earth, for years and years, seeking...<br />
...and when the hypocrisy of it all became clear to me, I realized there was no god for me, nor do I want one. The evils men do are attributed to 'devils', the commandments are ignored and only used when to advantage, as Mouse pointed out, even negated by their actions in war and worldly strife created in the race for material wealth, and the children, oh the children who are suffering, it wracks me with pain to think of what they are doing to the future humans of the world in these 'holy wars'! <br />
Mouse said "humanity might be outgrowing the need for it", I wholeheartedly agree, but I would take out the maybe, and unequivocally state, we do not need it at all anymore, and anyone who is following such ridiculous beliefs is weak, and controlled, not assisted by its presence in their life.<br />
We should revere only humanity, not a false creator, and cherish our earth as mother, our actual creator. <br />
In the future, let us hope this scourge has been eradicated from the minds of humanity, and reality will guide us, to love our brother, as the MAN Jesus would have wanted us to.<br />
(also, I highly respect the other commenters here, I thank you all as well, for upholding the tenets of brotherhood/sisterhood of humans, instead of other worldy mysterious make believe entities)<br />
<br />
In a personal aside, we live near San Rafael, CA, where the "Mission Archangel" stands, a testament to the Spanish takeover of native peoples of California, and to this day, whenever I see it, I wonder what horrors may have been perpetrated upon humans in that mysterious and foreboding place, what false judgments, what lies, from an organization of conquest, whose symbol is a cross of torture, and an angel of 'mercy' for the tortured.

I'd just like to add my appreciation to the commentary, <br />
thanks for a great addition to EP, well written and concise.<br />