In Lak'ech: The Indigo Law Of Oneness

Where's The Better World now?

Where's the heaven?

"I am You; All is One."

I don't want to get started on this,
since if indigos really believed what they preached,
the world would have really been a better place by now,
but no they attack people,
so if they attack other people,
aren't they attacking themselves?

And if they neglect society because of narcissistic spells,
aren't they neglecting themselves?

And if they neglect the earth because of their need for cosmetic surgery,
aren't they neglecting themselves?
from dust to dust....
and if they abuse their own bodies,
they must be abusing all other bodies,
that are also made out of the same soil?


see this is how I see it,
if the indigo children were really angels,
you would have given away all your personal belongings to those in need,
you would have all worked for a better world day in and day out,
you would have touched and reached out to every soul out there regardless of personal prejudice,
you would have invited countless strangers into your homes,
I can go on an on....

if you were really angels you would have created
a place without poverty of any kind by now
here on earth,

but you are still so very selfish,
people are still in need,
just because you are so darn greedy.

maybe the world is such a mess,
because those who call themselves angels,
are really just humans faking it.
indigowitch indigowitch
22-25, F
Dec 6, 2012