Not Wise To Play On People

pranks and practical jokes were something I was never into ... my dad was with his uncle ... as he was such a easy victim with alcoholism after the war my dad would do things to him - most were innocent ... like change his rum for cold tea in the bottle, or short sheet his bed etc but I only did one or two as a little kid and they were by accident ... one time I tied two doors together and every time my great uncle went to close one door the other would whack him... it wasn't even meant for him... and it was innocent really...

One time I sent a heap of weird things out of the paper send away things to my uncle after he sexually assaulted me like readers digest, free sanitary items and free stuff and funeral payment scheme and course and religious books info etc.... that is about it.

but I think practical jokes are the lowest really... I still remember the story about a local old street guy some butchers put a preservative in a drink knowing he would drink it and he died... when it went to court they were given manslaughter or murder charges... so a good lesson about practical jokes... is don't do them in case they hurt someone ...
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