Random Event

One night my girlfriend and I were talking, I had noticed this little.. issue she had, let me back up a little. She had been in a car accident years before. She was in the passenger seat when her boyfriend drove through a red light and they were side swiped, on the passenger side. The door came down on her and cracked her skull. She suffers from it still. One of the things she goes through is "blurting" as I call it. When we first met, we would be having a conversation where she would be talking about kids, weather "help me" (as she turned and looked at me like she was someone else for a second) just for a second... I noticed this occurrence about 6 times in 3 months. So I commented to her one night. She says to me, "You are the first person to ever notice that in 12 years, other than my Dr." "Not even my husband or family noticed that.. how did you.. what the.." "You're not a Dr..you don't a piece of paper to talk about that with me..." We started to.. argue for lack of a better word. We were about to take a bath together, so she went into the bathroom, ran the tub, got in.. I was sitting on the love seat listening to the radio and this came to me.. I got up, went to the table, and wrote, one complete side of a piece of paper...

“Random Event” Is there such a thing as a random event? Is it simply the fact that everything happens for a reason? Ever notice when you sit in a room with the door closed and nothing making noise other than a radio, the radio seems to know the right song to play? Is it a random Event, or is there someone else driving the bus of your life? I once met a man while out of town. We had a lengthy conversation about his relationship with the Lord. He tells me to look at life like a movie. After years of pondering this profound comment, I have sort of gathered related experiences to say, “I agree 100%”. I mean after all, ever notice how you sense danger coming and you take it in stride, why, did you think you could before it happened? How often are you shocked, or caught off guard? Is it carisma or carma? Really, the only thing missing is, IS. Here’s something to mull over, can you think of anyone or anything that just IS? Can you name it or does it have a name perhaps already? *************************************

My roomate later told me it meshed very nicely, he was a.. writer, a writer to be... he was taking literature in university.
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I don't understand this. How was she your girlfriend but you noticed something her husband doesn't?

Hi RuMoR, I would like to extend a warm invitation to read my blog, recently myself and a friend of mine shared our beliefs, her being a believer, me an atheist. I would appreciate your point of view as well. The title is 'Constant and smebro talk'n bout belief, all welcome', I hope you'll make it. I’m very interested in your random event theory.