I Don't Believe In Religion!

I don't believe in religion. Years ago I asked myself the question "what religion was there before man"?. No doubt the Universe and creation existed and when viewed through a particle microscope one would witness the energies making up the complex relationships of matter. What man fails to realize today is that there is no age to the energy sustaining creation. A small particle of energy that you perceive yesterday is still today as dynamic and vital as then. This whole effort at describing knowledge is a problem in itself because it is like a hall of mirrors always reflecting back onto itself.

I asked the question "what religion was there before man"? the answer, there was no religion. The Universe has no need for such a primitive and childish belief. Beliefs are constructs within man's subjective mind that he mistakenly taught himself to accept and believe. Primitive man has been the father of ignorance flowing into our here and now and contaminating our present beliefs. In other words the ignorance of our ancestors are with us now. Unfortunately we are doing nothing to educate ourselves with knowledge of truth. We keep accepting the old wore out knowledge of our ancestors.

All we can do is to keep asking ourselves "Why" and looking for the fundamental truth that governs our lives. A word of advice don't have preferences unless they are rooted in truth. Look to the natural world for your truth. Don't believe in Governments, Religions or the myriad gobbledygook people will feed you as the truth. Remember the truth does not need to be defended. Anyone can toss an apple into the sky and have it fall back to earth. This is a basic law of nature, build your life on these truths.

Just a few of my thoughts on why not to believe in religion. A note: I believe in the fundamental goodness at the core of each human being.
Bill1947 Bill1947
Aug 14, 2011