Religion ?not For Me!

I don't believe in organized religion.I think it is a crock of crap,put forward by men to try to make themselves more powerful.All religions preach peace on the one hand and kill for"God" on the other.The largest religions seem to be the your neighbor but hate him if he doesn't think the same as you.Give me a break....anyone with half a brain should be able to see through the smoke and realize most religions are trying to control the masses with fear,fear that if you don't do this or that you'll not get to go to an afterlife.Man has struggled with his mortality since time began and religion uses that insecurity to help further their cause and to gain pwer and wealth to hold the people under their thumb and not let free thought flourish.Down with organized religion...let free thought live.. if you must believe in something believe in yourself or the power of good and love.Leave the zealots to their fate...The good in mankind will survive after all else has past away..

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Don't get me started. Now I must say upfront that I am a Christian. However, when I was around 14 my family started going to an extreme fundamentalist Baptist church. I was forced to go there. I did not like the church, the pastor or any adults who attended the church because they all believed in corporal punishment as a way to control. The pastor used fear and guilt and shame on the congregation to control his people. I thought they were all a bunch of Hippocrates. They did not teach about God's love. The church was very legalistic. They made God out to be a mean judgmental God who only wanted to punish anyone who got out of line. There was a lot of hellfire and brimstone and bible thumping. Now don't get me wrong. I believe in God and the Bible but there are healthy ways of teaching people about God and the Bible and and there are very destructive ways. I believe that pastor brainwashes people. I have no respect for him. It upsets me that this happens because people aren't going to churches because of it and they are not sure who God is. He is beautiful and he loves all of us and wants to bless everyone of us. Not just the people who worship him in a certain church. I pleaded with my parents to let me attend another church since I was a teen, I believed I should be able to choose at that point. I was still forced to go to that church with them. I really resented my parents and I got nothing out of going <br />
to that church.<br />
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My Parents still attend this church and have so many backward views about life and the world. I guess the church fits them because that is basically the kind of people they are anyway. Closed minded, judgmental, critical, non-forgiving people. For this reason I am not able to have a relationship with my parents. <br />
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I am very careful about what kind of church I will attend when I do, but mostly I am content to stay home and have a personal relationship with God because of my views about organized religion. Every religion has their own interpretation of the Bible that suits them and say it is the "true" way. That other religions are wrong and theirs is the only "true and right" way. How can so many churches be at odds with each other and believe in God? Which church is right? That is why this holy war is happening right now in Afghanistan. Because they disagree with our religious views. <br />
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Can't we all just believe in God or a higher power if we choose and come together in peace?<br />
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I am in a personal situation right now where I don't have a vehicle and certain people are telling me to get involved in a church so they can help me. They are constantly pushing me to do this and I resent it. I shouldn't feel pushed or be made to feel guilty to go to church so I can gain something from it. I would go to worship God but it would feel like I was going there to find people who can help me. I don't like that feeling. It would make my life much easier but it seems like the wrong reason to find a church. I would like some comments regarding my situation, because I am confused as to what to do. <br />
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Like I said....don't get me started. I apologize for this being so long. I could go on and on about the subject.

I totally agree with you!!! I think all organized religion should be outlawed, and all the churches turned into shelters for the homeless or some other purpose more useful than the disseminating of bigotry! It is the source of so much of the trouble that is in the world, and we would be better off without it. If individuals want to have a relationship with what they see as God, fine. But when they start organizing and thumping their bibles and start telling me and you their version of what God wants us to do they are going too far and need to be stopped. I can't speak about other religions, since Christianity is how I was raised, but most so-called Christians are so far from the original teachings of Jesus that if he appeared in their church they'd probably call the police and have him put in jail. Jesus said we should be tolerant and forgiving. Well , in my experience it is the rare Christian who has even the smallest bit of tolerance, or forgiveness. The rest of them just sit around reading and quoting whichever bible verses seem to support their bigoted views and forget that it was'nt God, but man who wrote the bible. Then they say, "maybe so, but it was "inspired" by God". That's right, but so was Jonestown and Waco and all this crap going on with the fundamentalist Mormons! I rest my case!

this was awesome! I agree completely. I HATE HATE HATE religion because of what it did to me all my life and what it is still doing to people now. they love to prey upon insecure weak people that need some place to belong. Then they rob them blind-mind and wallet. I feel especially sorry for little kids being forced into this garbage. It really leaves scars that may never heal. Anyway, I posted my story in my I hate religion group if you want to read more of why I feel this way. I warn you it is long. LOL But it was a loooong journey to where I am today. Peace.