WE are born into religion, it is not a choice. and we're then programed to believe a certain thing and if we don't... well  paranoia kicks in -  telling us we're bad people, or we're going to hell. I think we've got to evolve from that and understand that its our intentions behind our action and the only judge is ourselves becasue you are the only one that places yourself in heaven when your good, you allow yourself to feel happy and when you do some thing bad you place yourself in hell with guilt, anger or jealousy.

Religion for me has become one of the most evil thing of today!! it is no longer a spritual quest but a way of gaining power.

It is just a story being told and retold.

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1 Response Mar 3, 2010

I absoloutly agree with you , this is what I believe , we have been told to follow this religion or this other , a child grows up to see parents following this religion and been told to do this and not to do the other , I think there is no harm to be free of religion .