This Christmas A Child Asked,

18 Days till Christmas a friend of mines child came to her and asked a really good question “Are mom and Dad really santa?” They wrote this to him;

We know that you want to know the answer and after giving it careful thought and consideration on how to respond and the answer is no.
We are the people who fill your stocking and wrap the presents that go under the tree. Just as our parents did for us, their parents did for them, and you will do for your children some day. Santa brings the gifts out of no where, going by the way you acted towards other people through-out this past year.
This could never make any just one of us santa. The word derived from the legendary story of a 3rd century Good Virtuous Saint. We are all blessed that from our own hearts we know, to keep the spirit of Christmas alive and just let it flow. Santa lives in our hearts tucked away in a place, we’ll call the north pole, some times for some people a small part of the hearts starting to get hard and cold, if you don’t do something about it. It will spread and grow. Till it makes you a zombie, now that’s not good, we know!
   It’s a time we purposely set aside to come once a year, for santa to visit; we call it out every season with a hearty Christmas cheer! As through out the past year, since you did Christmas last, those things beyond your control that happened, things not quite go your way and you acted wrong about it? You lost someone you loved very much or, someone’s hurt you in some way. You want to warm up that cold hardening part of the heart with hope, joy compassion, laughter, kindness, love, generosity, all beautiful feelings that’ll get your heart healing!
   The wonderful feelings, a gift that you unknowingly give to yourself, one you can not see, hear, taste, touch or smell, but it’s really there, just ask you’re heart yourself, as it looks forward to Christmas each and every year! That only the act of giving to others, that having the Christmas spirit will bring to all volunteers. It uses these to warm up your heart and not let it freeze, to a point even santa will disappear, I tell you, he’ll leave if you don’t stop it. That is if you want him there.
   It’s at this time; the heart mechanics repair a broken spirit and a fuzzy to tickle you, while it’s at it. All in one perfectly good day, for most of us, those who really want it, cherish it the most! To change up the living for only yourself, don’t be like that, it’s really not good for the soul!
  Give glory to your deserving higher power vow a sincere thank-you again while you’re at it, and do it right now AT Christmas before you forget it!  Take the time to feel alive! Everyone has a great celebration, a grand birthday party, our guest of honor, a great guy we’ve all heard of, whose life long good works he did while he was here on this Earth too, that are documented for us to share with each other and because of that, we honor Jesus Christ, he’s why we are all joined together, each and every year! Our rejoicing spirits, that inside us that makes us who we are, gives our hearts the greatest gift of all! His dying request, "Be good to each other and love the way I showed you how, by giving of yourself, your love to each other!"
  We do what we can to teach all children how to use their own free will; we want you to understand about this great big wide world, so much is on it! The things for everyone here can be used for both good or bad. Nurture their own self worth’s. How to take a step back and have a look at themselves, it helps in developing an understanding about the things going on. Even when you can’t hear, see, and touch it, that throughout your whole life you will need this ability and are always developing it, how do you want to grow as a good or bad person throughout your very own lifetime. Which way will you go?
  Have faith in God, this takes care of you! Really take time to enjoy the joy in the moment your in it watch it spread onto others. Believe in yourself, then so will others too. Love everyone’s families and friends; we are all in this together right to each of our ends! For our just set aside time out of every year, in being welcoming of others to go to and from, any of the expected to unexpected guest, even if just the one, that person you did good by this past year, Santa!

~Support And Nurturing To All~

Before you know it, we start a new year!


vvonderwoman vvonderwoman
41-45, F
Dec 7, 2012