I Love This Freedom

I thing this is so liberating.....are there any other girls that want to try this?

naturalamy naturalamy
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It is your body to do with as you please. Be happy in who your are.

Yes my girl friend is living the free life of not shaving she would love to talk to you about it. look for her on hear as "junegrlme" she is very open to talking to other women about this.

I like girls as they come... we're a hairy species naturally! (But a Brazilian makes it nicer for oral for both parties i must admit.)<br />
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But on the whole there's no need to fiddle with body hair, at least from this male's perspective! And when girls do shave various bits I hate the prickly stage. <br />
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Hair follicles have no idea that the end of the hair has been cut off it just feels stiffer because the stubble is shorter and darker because of the contrast with the skin. <br />
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Plus, most plucked eyebrows look plain weird! I'll never understand why girls do that.. and then some girls paint extreme "surprised" ones back on! Very strange!!!

confidence and independence indeed; i agree, i wish more people would do it so that i wasn't always the only one! it's nice to hear some guys/girls like the look.<br />
but nah, don't be afraid to grow it out. it's definitely prickly at first but i don't think it gets THAT much thicker or darker, really... i shave maybe once a month if i feel like it, and if i let it go a long time it's not, like, unnaturally gnarly or anything weird, not that i've noticed anyway...

The natural look is so lovely. Feminine, pretty and sexy. I wish more women were confident and independent enough to keep all their body hair. It is only nature and natural and was not designed to be there to be ugly-----but alluring instead. <br />
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Lovely Natural Amy!

I've went without for my entire life. But starting after you've already shaved doesn't work the same. Haha, basically because the hiar will be darker, and thicker...

now this is a bold statement of freedom in a society over run by fashion and beauty industries. Kudos to you!