Brazil: The Movie

This link goes to a youtube collage of the movie Brazil.

Despite the comments on the page, it is great collection

of clips from the movie. The background theme of the

movie is that of state terrorism against the state itself.

There is a good write up of the movie on Wiki:

 "it may be argued that the existence of 'terrorists' in the film (i.e., Jill Layton, Buttle/Tuttle, and Sam are all accused of being terrorists) [...] [is] deliberately made ambiguous [...]. Viewers must interpret this central theme of the film for themselves - and recognize the fact that ironically -- there may be no terrorists at all."



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No Andrew, no worries, I appreciated your comment. There was once a story for this group, but I deleted it night, with many others. I have not had the where-with-all to rewrite a story for the group. The original included the reference to the movie 'Brazil" which has as a theme, background explosions and constant radio and TV reports of terrorist activity, though the government is responsible for the acts themselves.<br />
I note it very interesting that you mention the My Lai Helicopter Pilot. Warrant Officer One Hugh Thompson, Jr. was awarded the Distinguished Flying Cross "for heroism above and beyond the call of duty while saving the lives of at least 10 Vietnamese civilians during the unlawful massacre of non-combatants by American forces at My Lai"<br />
I wonder how many today would do what he did to earn the award that he received. <br />
The number is very small, I am sure...

The reference is to the 'state sponsorship' of terrorism. The concept is related to who is doing the acts, not a disbelief in the word as a noun. Numerous "acts of terror" have been used throughout history as reasons for starting wars. These are Orwellian concepts brought to the modern world.

The word "fashion" has the same roots as the word "fascist". So, fascists do what is fashionable for the time...

Lots of valid questions, very few answers for us...

Squigglefish steps to the plate : Home run...

Damn , this debate was just getting interesting..-

Puck pulls up this term: Islamofascism<br />
<br />
The term Islamofascism is a controversial neologism which draws an analogy between the ideological characteristics of specific Islamist movements from the turn of the twenty-first century on, and a broad range of European fascist movements of the early twentieth century, neofascist movements, or totalitarianism. Wikipedia<br />
<br />
Controversial. . totalitarianism seems to be what the libocons want, freedom for themselves, salvation for none, and death to any who would defy them.<br />
<br />
That's the end for me. I am not going to talk to people who troll anymore.

And you will repeat this without investigating a single item <br />
It would be nice if you would say something informative.

I don't know who shot JFK. <br />
I believe that the "truthers" are in error. I don't believe that our own government or shadow government orchestrated the events on 9-11-01.

Indeed they did...<br />
What is your insinuation?<br />
Because you cast disparaging reference to the term, <br />
do you insinuate they are invalid?<br />
<br />
hmmm, do you think Oswald shot JFK?<br />
(this is topical, the Book "Conspiracy Theory" is the reference")

The conpiracy theories started flying the day the towers came down.

There. I corrected the problem. I didn't get it from Anne Coulter by the way.

Arafat's Black September organization killed 11 Israeli athletes in 1972<br />
Obama's SOTUA is quoted to have begun at 9:11 pm<br />
The bombing in Spain was 911 days after 9-11-01<br />
The NWO speech was on 9-11-90, 11 years before 9-11-01<br />
President Salvador Allende of Chile is assassinated on 9-11-73<br />
The ground breaking for the Pentagon was 9-11-41<br />
1st Cavalry Division arrives in South Vietnam on 9-11-65<br />
including the 11th Aviation Group, <br />
consisting of 11 companies of assault helicopters

We do not think our 'government' planned and perpetrated 9/11, we know people WITHIN our government did.<br />
<br />
Did you know the WTC was condemned by the New York Port Authority before 9/11? Contracts were awarded for the initial phase of asbestos clean-up, but the NYPA would not allow any demolition other than WET REMOVAL of asbestos. Know anything about it? Hmmm, perhaps you should USE the google every once in a while, to learn something instead of just copying Ann Coulter links.

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UC..I was talking about things done in the name of God. You're right, there are tons of terrorist orginizations out there. Just right across the border here.

The inevitable take over of Columbia will follow <br />
the same lines as the takeover of the rest South America<br />
Colombians are attempting to reclaim their country, <br />
(this is not a reference to the 'terrorists' you mention)<br />
Higher interests are creating havoc which will ultimately<br />
require US intervention in Columbia.<br />
Please research, "The Monroe Doctrine"<br />
Please watch the movie "Brazil"

Hearten, You actually believe that I would be stupid enough to try to take credit for someone elses material. times dates etc and not expect someone to do a google????????????

UC true enough,, but present day, there is no comparison .

Hearten ..I don't see where I lied. I don't see your reasoning, Anyone can tell that that list is C&P 'd > I wouldn't be so stupid as to try and lead anyone to believe otherwise.I don't think anyone in this conversation is that stupid either.

Who said anything about skin color? Islamofascism is not a religion, it's a political ideaology. A very dangerous ideology that uses "scripture" to justify it's actions.

If you entertain the idea that 9-11 was orchestrated by our own government, I guess I won't bother. I'm sorry that you feel this way about your own country.

Joseph McCarthy had a list too...

I kept the list down to attacks on American soil by Islamofascists on purpose. It doesn't include the attacks against American citizens overseas, and it doesn't include other terrorists.<br />
By definition, the US practiced terrorism with the bombing of Hiroshima and Nagasaki.<br />
Terrorism exists.

Because a Muslim is accused of a crime in your undocumented list, <br />
this proves something to me?

From terrorist to Nobel Peace prize, quite a career...<br />
If only everyone could contemplate this in context...

Up until July 2008, Nelson Mandela and ANC party members were barred from entering the United States — except the United Nations headquarters in Manhattan — without a special waiver from the US Secretary of State. Members of South Africa's governing African National Congress, the once-banned anti-Apartheid organization were flagged on U.S. terrorist watch lists. The ANC was officially designated a terrorist group by the South Africa's ruling white minority. Other countries, including the United States, followed suit.