I Don't Believe There Is A God. The Bible Is Not Evidence Of That

I go along in saying I don't believe in the Bible. Cause it really has no real "objective" evidence for why Christians use it to try to Prove to us that God really Exist.

That's why Atheist and Agnostics run into all the time with Christians. Christians will go to this Book to try to use it for their Evidence.

I like what someone had said so often:  "I might as well believe Superman is Real and does Exist, because it says so in my Comic Book"

And to get rid of this misconceived idea that the Bible is "objective" is False.  It's "Subjective" and "Subjective" things are nothing more to infer and guess at. It's not real evidence.

A Real God in my mind, doesn't act like a Coward in so many of the ways most Religions make of such. Such a God should be right out there in front of us all and making itself evident, without any missunderstanding about it. Not something that has to be passed on by man in any way, relic or whatever. That's just ridiculous!

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I have letters that my mom saved from my grandma-- written just for her at the right time.
The Bible claims to be such for mankind-- A compilation of letters revealing our spiritual heritage, and intimate information on who God is and what his purposes are for mankind.(John 17:3;Matthew 6:9,10;2 Timothy 3:16,17)

Without looking at the Bible to justify God what about the Universe And creation?
Every house has to have had a builder-- so what about earth and the rest of what we see and who we are?
Could chance have possibly come anywhere near to making all that we see?
Interesting thought--one of many--

God's power is revealed in two shields that keep us safe—the earth’s atmosphere and its magnetic field. The atmosphere, for example, does more than provide us with air to breathe. It also shields us from the majority of the debris that hurtles through space. Chunks of rock that could cause massive damage usually burn up on entering the earth’s atmosphere, creating beautiful bright streaks of light in the night sky.
7 The earth’s magnetic field also protects us from harm. This shield originates deep inside the earth. The earth’s outer core, mostly made of molten iron, generates a powerful magnetic field that envelops us and stretches far into space. This field safeguards us from the radiation emanating from solar flares and explosions in the outer regions of the sun. Thanks to the earth’s magnetic field, these bursts of energy do not scorch all life on the surface of our globe. Instead, they are absorbed and deflected. We see evidence of our magnetic shield at work in the gorgeous multicolored light displays that dance in the sky near the North and South poles. Without a doubt, God is “vigorous in power.”—Read Isaiah 40:26

True! Looking at Nature and Universe should really be the means of any "Evidence" But something that "Mankind" tries to pass down in its Generation by something written for such means as "Evidence" (By a Book (Bible) ... ) is far from "Evidence" Exploring this Nature and Universe should really be more of where our "Evidence" should come from. The Bible is used more by Control of our Generation of Elites and that isn't right. (I believe now that it has been used to Distort the Truth and be the real means of the Anti-Christ) Anything True for us, is Nature and the Universe. We should be looking at everything around us, than just a Book by a group of our own kind of ancient Ancestry. Meaning looking at all the others and get a bigger picture of it all. Like ancient Hieroglyphs and Paeoglyphs from other sites on this Planet. Meaning there is meany kinds of Higher Intelligent Guardians trying to either control us or guide us in this world. And the Picture is Greater than what the Bible has in mind.

I used to feel that the Bible was just a good book and with some contradiction -- after examining it methodically and getting answers to my questions I see that it is much more than just an old good book
-- prophecy in the Bible is fascinated-- secular sources have backed Biblical accounts.
The meaning in this is far reaching-- for what it says is yet to come true--
The removal of wickedness and corruption and restoration to a paradise earth-- with sickness and death removed.(Revelation 21:1-4)

You gave me a startle "Godfree110158" I'm guessing now that you where refering to the irrony of the Bible being and giving us its ideas of "Morality" and as "One" looks at the "Ruthlessness" of such Topics? That what the Bible actually has us believing in is in "Bad Morality"? Being a bit Cynical with me? (I'm hoping your comment was for "ioalways"? And the other viewers of this?) I of course do not rely on the Bible for any kind of "Morality" from it and I will not do so. I believe it usually comes with a bit of common sense, and that we all could realise what "Morality" is without ancient culture trying to push its own writting of such on us about it.

"I think you'd be smart enough to think that even if the Bible is not truth, that it does present a strong case of how to live your life in harmony with others and with nature"<br />
Allow us to look at the world you wax upon with such forlorn remembering's, a world where the the bible was taught as the moral compass to us all.....in the good old days.<br />
Slavery, a bible sanctioned institution was all the rage.<br />
Wars of conquest, wherein hundreds of thousands died for a plot of earth at the whim of the monarch, and under the guidance of the bible.<br />
Women raised to think of themselves as the property of men, men who fully agreed with sacred scripture in this matter.<br />
The beating of children.<br />
The slaughter of prisoners of war.<br />
Lies taught as facts (Adam and eve, the ark, talking snakes and donkeys)<br />
Do you see a moral high ground here?<br />
The bible is not worthy of its reputation as a guide book unless your a misogynistic, Nazi.

There might be Some Supernatural and Divine. I'm not going to call it God or that any Book of ManKind has any Truth of it. I don't believe in some Loving God that we are suppose to have "Faith" upon it and Worship it. There is really No True Morality from Books or what gets Written. "Faith" is really a great gullible misguided risk taking so to speak. On some risk, there is Luck. But "Faith" is always Deception. To live an Honest Life and for the Facts. You have to go by Evidence. Anything I see from a Possible Supernatural or Divine. Is it's Ruthlessness to only have us Teased into Deceptional things for it's own selfesh means. As far as I could get with my Open My Mind to, from a Universe that is Void of the God idea.

There is evidence of Evolution. And it's the process of Earth's million of years, from going from simple forms to the more complicated forms. It has been observed if more people studied Science. When Chemistry is observed at micro automic forms. Everything does create geometric forms of structures. And such actions of those structures will form an outcome of its own.