We Are No One, No One Are We.

The only definitive circumstance we attract day after day is ............DEATH because we are no one and no one are we. Coming from the new age movement myself I can tell you how sugar coated everything is, pride is infinite there where people believe that they are actually gods, and insanity follows. Seeing from an existentialism point of view that what we wish to attract, success, money, love, power are illusions of the mind that stay on the mind with very little outcome to materialize in reality. See it like this, money does not exist in nature, it was man made, love varies from individual to individual, power is in your mind and not outside to someone you may seem like a blessed winner and to another a sore loser , so what is this exact pretty little neat concept of attracting "the right circumstances"  if we all see it in a different way?

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May 5, 2012