I used to think it existed but after me giving it to another and getting just heartache in return I really don't think I will meet someone who can give it in return.
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Well I have to say in my experiences, that I love with out conditions, meaning for me, when I choose to love someone, I do not have conditions attached to it, if at anytime that person should be hurtful, mean or anything that most people would say ok, I care not to love you anymore, I still love with all my heart BUT will separate if it damages "me" and be not to far away if they become more open to it. To me it does not mean I let others abuse me, I can love someone (such as my children, family, friends) yet stay safe as well. It is the others who may chose to embrace it or not.. there choice.

MMM!! appareently it doe's exist, but i'm the same i don't know if i will ever find it either, not all men are ********(weve certainly had our share!!!)<br />
It all go's down to respect @ being considreate of somone elses feeling's really!!!<br />
I've seen alot of immaturity @ selfishness from men!!<br />
(so that's why i'm single!!!)<br />
"hug's" from Feflower

Tigress, I don't believe in unconditional love, but I do believe in love without conditions. Does that make sense at all?<br />
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I am in a marriage that has had conditions put on it almost from the beginning. Restrictions, rules, whatever you want to call it. It sucks. It really puts a stressor on a relationship that then causes resentment and other problems.<br />
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I hope you find someone who can love you without conditions (which is different from unconditional love).<br />
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