There Is Nothing

There is nothing, no piece of land, that is worth the loss of life.

The innocent are sent to the front whilst those that declare involvement are sat in front of their open fires whilst other parents children are murdered (and at the same time his eldest son is out partying and costing the tax payer a fortune in the purchase of a new apartment so that he can attend uni)

I have worked in Kosovo after 1999, the destruction is still evident, the children are scarred emotionally and physically, many of which have lost the ability to speak since having to watch their parents be shot in the head.

Little blonde haired blue eyed children arise where there has evidently been rapes by soldiers of the other side.

And the war widows, who are thrown out in the street by their in-laws as they have been raped and that is seen as adultery, those that are homeless as now they have no husband.

If you want war, visit somewhere which has seen war, and see how much damage it creates.


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4 Responses Feb 11, 2009

I agree that war is hell, but there are some good reasons for going to war (see World War II for a great example).

huh? why not?!

children in general irritate the hell out of me, but his are particularly bad.........<br />
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any Rah child should be given a smack. it would save the world, i swear.

hear hear