Who Does?

Goodness me! Who believes in war? Isaac Asimov wrote once a very good trilogy of "Foundation" and there was a character, Mr. Salvor Hardin who said: "Violence is the last refuge of the incompetent!" I like it very much and it bacame also my personal doctrine.
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OK, may the Force be with you! :-)

Yes, he was a very wise person at that. I believe in Christ as my Lord and Savior. But Personally I do not call myself a Christian. I believe he is God, and I believe in his teachings, but I personally struggle to follow them. While I suppose that may be a bit hypocritical and foolish, I just am not able to love everyone as I am suppose to. I try to, but at the same time I love conflict. It's just who I am.<br />
On another note I DO NOT, In any way shape or form Justify what the terrorists did. I would NEVER try to justify their actions as ok, due to the sake of war. I have very strong personal issues, in people just openly attacking others without extremely good cause. I also do not justify war. If I was the leader of a country, I would not choose war as the first option. It shouldn't be the first option, ever. It is usually not the best alternative, but in some cases it can be.<br />
I'm not sure if you misunderstood my comment above or not. I was not attempting to justify war, or say it is the best alternative. I was merely pointing out that it is useful in many situations and should not be turned away from just because it is "bad." I also wanted to show, that some people believe in war. As my friend put it, "You don't believe in Violence? Well come here, I have some mythology to beat you with."<br />
<br />
But again, I don't believe in just attacking people without good cause. Good cause being, either you got attacked or your all going to die if you don't (for whatever possible reason). For the sake of land or wealth I personally have issues with. I'm Irish and my family was almost entirely wiped out by the Brits because they wouldn't surrender (talking historically- as in hundreds of years ago). They were attacked simply because the Brits used to be (not necessarily now) a bunch of Imperialistic Bastards.( As did most of Europe, but the Brits were the worst.)

OK, then I quote to the other wise person (Jesus): "Do always to others what you expect them doing to you." Would you like to be killed? Do you think that 9/11 terrorists were right? Do you think, they did a good thing? Maybe. But then you are not better of any murderers.

About your quote. I am generally considered intelligent, and skilled I can't think of someone I have worked with that would call me incompetent. So in reply to your quote. I greatly disagree. I understand that violence is not always the best solution, and can lead to more problems. I also understand that diplomacy works rather well and I apply it often in problems. But on the other hand, 1. Violence can be fun. 2. It can be quicker and a more efficient solution. 3. War does more things then solve problems.<br />
1-I enjoy getting in a fight. Often me and my friends will get into a paintball match, sword fight (broadsword not fencing), wrestling or whatever just to be guys and have fun beating the crap out of one another. It's enjoyable and a stress reliever.<br />
2- When there is a question of leadership from to eligible candidates, it may boil down into who is willing to fight harder for their cause. I'd rather listen to someone who is willing to give it their all even if it means losing for a cause they believe in.<br />
3-War keeps populations down- This decreases competition for jobs and resources. It also leads to better diplomacy. We wouldn't be allies with many powers in Europe if it wasn't for war. If the Brits didn't start wars with everyone Spain and France wouldn't have helped the US in the Revolutionary War. If Austria-Hungary hadn't bullied the Serbians we wouldn't have the Allied Powers of WW1 (Look it up if you think Germany was to blame).(But if we hadn't allied, WW1 may not have caused WW2). WW2 caused the US to emerge as the world's first "super-power."<br />
War is a very legitimate way to solve problems. If it solves the problem it is a legitimate solution. History will show you that. You may not like the solution chosen, but some -like me- do and it is a solution. You may not think it is correct, but it may be for the better.

...yeah, and so they show also their incompetence... so simple it is! By the way, I wear (because of my job) also sometimes different weapons. But I NEVER hope to use them! I never did during my career and I hope I can retire so that I never should use them. Violence, (incl. the war) never was and never will be a legitimate way to solve the problems. Not even by long shot!

Plenty of people believe in war. They may not say it out loud, but they do. How else could the creation of weapons of war be such a huge global industry? Everyone involved in maing these weapons believes to some degree that war or the threat of war is a legitimate way to solve problems.