It's Better When You Don't Know This Pain...

There are many ways to lose a loved one and all of them bring pain. I won't believe that it's better that way, there's too much grief and sorrow about things that weren't meant to happen at all, and it always leaves regrets. Of course, time brings relief, but there are ways people can be happy without love, so why should they be in pain when in that moment they could live a happy life?
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3 Responses Jul 15, 2010

Yea, but life hurts no matter what. That's what it's all about. We can only be happy for a moment. Happiness is only a memory, not a reality.

Well, if we're talking about our own children then I suppose it's different, though I'm not sure and probably won't be for a long time. It must hurt a lot more. In your case it seems like the only good way. I'm sorry that you had to go through all of that, I hope you'll endure it and live happily.

interesting. i dont know how i feel about whether it is better to have no known someone at all than know them and then lose them. i guess it depends on how serious the situation is. my 18 year old daughter is gone, died at the hands of a driver with no headlights on, she was crossing the street. my main reason for commenting on what u wrote is that there is no relief from something like this. however as i am typing this, i realize it has been 2 years and time is the only thing that has happened. it is also something i cant control. i dont know if relief is the right word for me, well maybe. i feel that it is just that i have learned to live with something that i hate and cant do anything about. i have no choice, i mean really whats the alternative? day after day, day after day. good wishes to u my friend. peace