Why Does the TRUTH Only Save Jehovah's Witnesses?

I grew up being taught the "Truth" was only with the Jehovah's Witnesses.  The "worldly" people will die in Armageddon because they do not having said "Truth".   I sat by my parent, 3 times a week, from infancy to teen years learning that those who didn't accept the "truth" as dictated by Witnesses were going to die violently while the Witnesses rejoiced.  My child story books were full of stories of murder, rape, animals feeding on people...all with blatant pictures of such acts.  It was normal to see pictures of people dying, holding their dead children, with smiling Jehovah's Witnesses in the fore front because it was something they were truly happy about .  I never learned to turn my head from such hateful acts, to be sensitive to these adult concepts. 

The irony in the Jehovah's Witnesses "truth" is it changes based on their clearer "understanding" or "new light" from their divine creator.  The have promised Armageddon to come 7 times now at specific dates.  They've now learned to not be so specific...it is just constantly around the corner.  That concept as a child kept me hoping for a fiery world destruction so that all the evil doers would be destroyed and I could live forever on a clean earth away from such disgusting people.  Those disgusting people, would be everyone NOT Jehovah's Witnesses, men...women...and even children.  According to them, Jehovah will not discriminate...that it is the parents fault for not teaching their children the "truth' thus they are blood guilty for their children's death in Armageddon.

They preach their name is divinely inspired, and yet they have changed it 4 times since the beginning of their organization.  How does God inspire you to change the name of your organization over and over... and yet all other organized religions manage to keep the same one for generations?

Rewriting the bible has allowed them to give "further light" into the original King James vocabulary that is old and incomprehensible from their perspective.  And yet, no other christian organization uses a different bible?  I grew up reading only the New World Translation, being told the KJV was simply outdated and not needed.  I never knew of the contradictions until I read the original bible myself.  It was shocking.  We looked down on other religions, for believing what "men" told them, and yet I was no different.  The level of fog I lived in seemed so normal. 

I watched a lady on CNN today talk about her fight to end rape in Haiti....to end the rape of women, children, and even toddlers.  She cried, she spoke of everyone's worth and how children had a right to be children.  It inspired this, because for the life of me, I can not see how a person like that deserves to die simply because she doesn't subscribe to Jehovah's Witness teachings.  If that is the "truth"....and I am predestined to die....then I prefer to die with the humility of knowing I am no better than anyone else, and that i've allowed myself to be free of teachings that only instilled how sinful I was and thus my worth would forever been low.  I will not sit in judgement of people and tell myself that some people deserve to die, I will not teach my children adult truths that are traumatic and destructive to their growth ability....and I will admire those in life who stand up against oppression in all forms because they simply respect all life. 
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all church belive the same basic only there group will be savedi know a lot of JW and they do more than anu other trie to live the way the feel was inteneded

I love their magazines, their books. I have enjoyed a lot of their articles and re searchings about history with bible related facts from ancient world to modern technology. I've learnt a lot from them.Here in Japan, JW's are exceptionally polite. I have learnt a lot from them. That is one reason I joined them. But I backed out when I figured they can't convince my husband to change and convert from his religion to Christianity. And another thing their way or lifestyle and their issue with blood transfusion among others made me avoid their company. But. . .It's sad to think that in every religion/ organization we can always find a stumbling block, or a turning point for some reason. No matter how perfect they seem to be once you get inside. But being there helped me to know how to view some of what the outside world is, and to become more spiritual than I was, before meeting the JW's. It was an enlightment learning with them, but I feel I missed some areas of my life that also needs attention, especially after giving birth to my first child. Their zeal has become too much for me to bear. <br />
Thank you for posting this story here M2extreme. I found this few days ago, and was and have read a number of times. And cant help to give a comment.

Ladyryan, wow that something that you and I have in common! I too have studied with them but find their zeal too much to bear! They seen ti put so much pressure to become publishers and judge you by how active you are but in some respects they seem to lack what other faiths have. For example, I see some churches actively helping those in their community whether they are Christian or not. I have not seen one single JW that I knew try to help me since my diagnosis and yet have received free homemade meals for a local church group supporting cancer patients in their journey. Furthermore, I actually believe that a truly loving God will judge us by our actions and by our personal relationship with him and not by how many hours we put in service. I think believe that we are more likely to influence people by our actions than by preaching to them.

Yes, but also doesn't the bible say that one should show good works and not just preach.

Sorry for all the typos. I just had my last chemo and am a little out of it.

Aha. . . I heard few stories about that too. They seem to choose the people whom they'd give help or assistance. Others abuse their help, I saw a lot of that case myself here in Japan. But in your case, Lagatta, that is something serious to consider on their part.

Oh Lagatta, no worries. I'm worst when it comes to typos and grammar errors.^^ take care!

Well Japanese people in general are very sweet, helpful and polite. I think it's a cultural thing. The reason I get no help from JW is because I don't attend meetings and because it's obvious I have no intention of joining whereas the other Church group is willing to support me even if I don't attend their services. I'm actually very spiritual just not religious if that makes sense.

Most JWs are actually really good people...they live clean, their intentions are righteous towards the people they try to teach... I know, from my experience watching people come into the religion, for the majority it was a life saver. Pulled them out of ruts that could find no relief from. The hard part tho, is realizing it's a cult. No matter how nice they are, you'll realize they never really associate with you, you can invite them to your BBQs etc and they will always politely turn you down. Kids in school will invite JW children to play, and they will always politely turn them down. The reason behind that is simple, they teach bad association spoils useful habits. You are considered "worldly"....when you break down their teachings, the people who don't convert...in the end will burn in Armageddon. So, again, they are nice people, but to put it bluntly, they don't associate with anyone else because they don't feel your spiritually good enough to be around, and well, they think we're all going to die in Armageddon while they live forever.

It's a nasty little twist they don't acknowledge they do. That thinking process....there's lots of little nasty twists to JWs that aren't really evident to the naked eye, and again, their intentions are never malicious. They simply don't recognize they live in a cult...have been taught extreme cult behaviors...and mimic them without thought. I had to go thru years of therapy to understand that's what I was raised in, a cult...and that I had so many cult behaviors that I needed to reprogram. I kind of always thought I was normal LOL....but, 13 years later, i'm starting to realize everything I believed was BS....and that life isn't all about pleasing Jehovah so we won't die in Armageddon, life is about the moments we have now and living in them. Not living in fear of fiery wars waging in heaven.

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Jehovah's Witless. so sad. ppl in my family are in this cult. i was too for years then I needed God and started studying the bible and seeing the lies. I went and got my JW bible from storage, had it when i was 12, and saw they had actually changed scriptures. like John 1:1 "In the beginning was the Word, and the Word was with God, and the Word was God." in the JW version it says "...and the Word was A God." because they do not want Jesus to be who He is God incarnate.

exactly....I remember being told that it was just a clearer version of the KJV....and yet, none of the talks were ever given out of the KJV.....it took me awhile not to feel like I was committing a sin when I went to compare the 2.... completely rewritten with so many biased views emphasized that aren't real.

JW destroyed our happy family. one aunt died because she would not check the "i will take a transfusion if needed" box for an operation that would have saved her. never mind she likely would not have needed a transfusion. she left five kids with an abusive husband the youngest was 5.

Exactly how I grew up, what a bunch of fvcks. Destroyed four generations of my family. Have not spoke to my parents or brothers in almost twenty years. I am really glad I had such a strong mind as a young child.

they talk bad about organized religion, but call themselves and "organization" they are the most organized religion of all.