What I Believe

I believe that a man called Jesus of Nazareth lived approximately 2000 years ago and developed a following as he disseminated a message of love and caring for each other. I believe that he delivered this basic message as a Jew, believing in one God, at a time when society then was persecuted and suppressed by the leaders in power. His message brought hope and comfort to those in need . Eventually, and many years after his existence, his story has been embellished to control a significant portion of the population and market a following, which has since been subdivided into many followings, in his name.
I believe that I would have been close to this man and his teachings and living the principals of his message is a good direction to take in my life.
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1 Response Aug 6, 2010

i believe something like that too, in such a cruel hopeless age, love and compassion stuck out like a sore thumb.<br />
peace x