I Don't Need It.

The only necessity I can see marriage being needed for would be benefits. For instance, when your loved one gets injured, and you want to see them at the hospital you have to be married or family. Other than that, I really don't see a purpose. A lot of people are just married on paper these days anyways. What actually constitutes a marriage to you anyways? To me, it just means someones your property. I don't want to be owned, and I don't want to own anybody, or even seem like I do. It's a stripping of freedom. I think if someone loves you enough, you can be as free as you want to be. Real love doesn't need a piece of paper to show that you're together as a union. You can still live together, make decisions as if you were married, because you're still a couple.
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You sound just like a good friend of mine. Her freedom is a big deal for her and she always says..."Not everybody wants to get married..." <br />
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I have a strong suspicion you didn't have a really close relationship with your father. She had a distant father who was there physically, but never really showed her any affection (emotionally absent) so she ended up having to learn to do things on her own. She became independent and learned that she didn't have to rely on anyone, especially a man to get what she wants out of life. <br />
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She ended up marrying an abuser who she easily disassociated herself from...rare for most women that end up in those situations. Right now, she's enjoying her freedom, living life on her terms and is....semi-happy. I say semi happy because I believe deep down she has the desire to find someone she can co-exist with...for the long term and I agree, that marriage is just a piece of paper, but studies show, people who live together still don't experience the same emotional benefits that married people do. There's just no substitute for it, no matter your stance.<br />
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I feel however though, that her inability to trust and lack of emotional readiness will inevitably keep her from finding lasting love and success in relationships for the long run in any capacity. She's never learned to be co-dependent which is a necessary trait for healthy, long lasting relationships. I say, go ahead, love your independence. Just make sure your thoughts on this isn't coming from a place of fear as I find it usually does. <br />
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I wish you luck in love.

No fear and my dad and I had a good relationship. It's not that at all. That's just a psychological assumption that you're making, which I guess in some cases may be a truth, but in this one it's not so.

....Common law marrige would take care of all those "benifits". Just saying.