Believe Marriage Is Necessary!

Now that I am 44 yrs. old, I can relate to what my father used to tell about marriage.As a man, he always suggest that I should take my time to get what i want and strive for my goals before marrying. Back then it is quite hard to understand why my father always advice me to take my take and make yourself successful and don't be distracted by love and family.You know what after 27 yrs., I have realized that he was right, that what i have thought before against his advice is practical and it should be.Marriage is something that we must consider for a lifetime companionship and if we tell ourselves that it will inspire us to do more then it's ok, but we are being selfish and immature.Marriage should be the result of something that we have worked for and not as a prize for sexual adventure or trips that can be considered memorable .The best reason why we should get married is because you want to share what you have and share your life to the one whom you have chosen.So before getting married, you have to prove to yourself that you can do something or create an achievement first then settle down.This way your life can be smooth and people around you will enjoy life as it is because of you.
41-45, M
2 Responses Jun 19, 2012

Your observation is right on point. You should be established as a man first before you get into the second job known as marriage. People are idealistic about marriage and women want to force it because of their biological clock. As a man wait as long as possible before you get married. In fact, going forward I think the world will change. People will enter contracts to have children together and raise them together without being married.

Excellent realization we just need more men to think like you and we are set lol!-Nichollee