To A Certain Extent.

I believe that marriage is something which should be private. Now I don't mean hidden, I just mean something personal. A solemn pledge between 2 people, and their family/friends, if they so choose, and their God(s) should they have any. It is none of the state, or the government's business. If I was to ever want to spend the rest of my life with someone, then I sure as **** wouldn't want the damned government poking their noses into it. It would be a ritualistic oath, between me, and the woman of my choice. I would still have a "wife" but it wouldn't be legal, because I think that's the "institution," and it's just another way for the government to get money.
Rivfader Rivfader
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Amen Rivfader!!-Nichollee

Thanks, glad you agree! :P