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sure, marriage is important to many people, and a nice way to show your commitment to someone, but i don't think it's the ultimate way to show it. the most definitive way to show your partner you love them is to stick by them through the good times and the bad, to grow with them, and to love them unconditionally each and every day. there are plenty of unmarried couples who do just that, and many married couples who don't. they're unhappy and would be better off apart, but they're legally bound and feel they should stay together. that's a very sad way to live. couples can be happy and devoted to each other with or without wedding rings. the feelings they have for one another are what truly matter, and if they don't belong together then saying "i do" won't magically change a thing.

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yes, i think so too! i believe that feeling free to express love to your partner is ultimately what matters in a relationship.<br />
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and yes, silentvoices, i think you make an excellent point that strong family systems are important. i also think that having a solid, loving foundation is the key to a strong family, and that could be with anyone--married couple, single parent, adoptive parents, extended family. but it's true that people should always consider their responsibility and commitment to their family members.<br />
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thanks to all for sharing your thoughts. and good for you, flourlady. 28 years and 4 kids, that's awesome! :)

runnagirrl~ Agreed! Sometimes constraints like a piece of paper can get in the way, whereas being free to experience true love emotionally, spiritually and physically without tie downs, can be the greatest ex<x>pression to another who you care for.

well i think marriage is not only a contract between two people but it can be start of a new family, and i personally believe that if we want to make a strong family system then we should give importance to marriage .. and we all need a proper life a family in end and because no one is perfect so think little real .. and it is a scientific fact that people who are married live long and happy life as compare to those who are happily single.. and every one have right to spend their life according to his wishes but we should not forget our responsibilities..<br />
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you are right. ive been married for 28 yrs and have 4 kids!

The question Rg is it important to you right now....... Or shall it be in the future ... :P

i agree with you. marriage is kind of agreement and i think love is no need to an agreement... thanks for sharing... hugs