Been There, Done That, More Than Once - Yup, It's Not Necessary...

OK if you are going to procreate, are part of some monarchy, or are just so fixated on keeping the paternal lineage and it's equity alive, want an income tax break or cheaper car insurance, or have some dogmatic idea that insists, well then go ahead.

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3 Responses Mar 14, 2009

In my opion it doesn't matter if you get married or not, if you love them enough, be honest about everything, than really what does it matter? A true friend(sugnifigant other) who really understands you inside and out, or one who pretends???

I don't believe it's necessary either. I am married because my husband wanted it, but I would be with him anyway. My belief is that as long as both people want to be together, they should be. But if one wants to leave, for any reason, they should go without guilt. They do still need to take an active part in their childrens lives, but people who are mature enough to live this way usually don't have to be forced into doing the right thing.

I suppose I'm showing my age, and probably my gender too, but I think a willness to marry someone shows a willingness to make a committment. Not being willing to get married seems like an expectation of the relationship ending and not wanting to have bother with additional paperwork.<br />
Of course, by Canadian law a commonlaw relationship is as binding as a marriage after two years right down to one partner finding themselves expected to pay child support for someone else's biological children in some instances.<br />
To me a willingness to marry means an expectation of a lasting relationship. No, it's not necessary, but it makes me feel better.