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Not Sure

Im not saying im right but i think people who are gay maybe have been that sex in a previous life and have really wanted to stay that sex.Foe example say you have a son and he turns out to be real girly than he was a woman in a previous life and cant accept that he is a male.Its just a thought.

lillilou lillilou 41-45, F 4 Responses Dec 9, 2008

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Not sure about the previous life theory but hey what does it matter, we are what we are and we must make the most of our lives while we are on this wonderful planet. Just wish some people would not make such a big deal about others sexuality, it's not a threat to humanity as war, famine and corruption are so let's get our priorities right!

Recently,I came out as bisexual. And a friend told me a good bisexual dating site -- . You may want to check it out. Now I enjoy the bisexual lifestyle.

I believe we have all been male or female in previous lives. I go even further I believe we spent time as sexless being and even ob<x>jects. People are who they are who are we to judge?

AlDente - very well put. That was something to ponder.