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They Arent.

People are not born gay. People want other people to believe that being gay is a disease but that is not true also. Being gay is a sin. Sorry for being so blunt but its the only way I can say it. the bible tells us that god has his rules for this subject. Man is not to lay with another man and woman with another women and it is for this reason that the LORD MADE THE FAMILY of mother and father. Its also difficuly for children to be adopted ino this type of situation because it doesnt teach the child that family consists of mother and father. Each of these plays a different role in the FAMILY. Not only are we taught that this is wrong in his eyes but he has brought AIDS to show us that it is because we are going against his teaching. We are to premisquise when it comes to sex and parents should be teaching their children abstaince not giving them condoms. Look to your bible and read Gods law on gays. True society will never accept this type of behavior. You can have gay marriage but it will be done away sooner or later.

RESCUE RESCUE 61-65, F 50 Responses Dec 9, 2008

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you are an extremely ignorant person. Kids of gays are perfectly fine. I'm straight, but have a lesbian mother. The family can consist of a mother and father, father and father, mother and mother, single mom or single dad. You live in a tiny closed minded world, in a vast variety of people. I'm sorry for you, I really am. AIDS evolved from a bacteria, not god. God is good. God loves all. and your "true society" bull... what do you even mean? Society in all aspects sucks. Also, "because the bible says so" isn't enough to back you up on your so called "facts." And abstinence and condoms... people aren't going to stop having sex because "the bible says so." Condoms keep the idiots from reproducing or an unwanted child. You make me sick. I am sorry you have to live with such closed mindedness and hate toward 11% of the population being gay, and 63% of the population agreeing with gay rights.

Nowhere does the Bible say that women can't lay with each other, only the men. And a family in the bible consisted of one man and several wives, ans several children. In fact the more wives children and cattle he had the better as it showed how rich he was. Science proves that people are born gay.

<p>&nbsp;<p>You sound like a dumb redneck with a grade two education. Of coarse I chose to be gay just so twerps like you and the churches could heap crap on me. Yes actually it was on my 13th birthday. Geee Yeh thats right. Ever since then I learned to fight and beat up idots just like you ! </p><p>You really are unbelievably stupid !</p><p></p>

yeah because i totally woke up when i was six and decided to make my life a billion times harder just so i could go against god. you got it sister. you should start to think for yourself instead of letting false teachings rule ur thoughts.

Pardon me, but I have an old edition dictionary and can't find the words "premisquise" or "abstaince" anywhere. Please link me to a definition.

Did God also have AIDS in mind to punish the innocent children living in absolute poverty in sub-Saharan Africa? <br />
<br />
Don't bring a made-up God into this. If you've ever eaten prawns, pork or worn a polyester-cotton blend, then consider your self as sick and sinful as you feel homosexuals are.

p.s if god is real and the bible is real and jesus saved the jews? then why dont we worship the jew relig and also if jesus is real he was born in bethleham wich is ermm 5 seconds away from iraq but jesus had friends like john matthew and peter? now if jesus was born near iraq wouldnt he have friends named mohamed or other names of that type?? so this can only meen that the bible has been rewritten so if its been rewritted you really think someone wouldnt change it or put in it what they wanted?? ppfffftttt

what a JOKE! you are crazy if you think that i respect that your in your 60s but as if!! first of all GOD??? so if god created aids as you say did he also create cancer? and make sure that cancer went on young innocent kids? or any other illness that are out there he makes them to punish people so there thats a joke second and trust me this is a rant where do you think the bible comes from? you think a man sat on a cloud with a white beard wrote all this and then wrote copys to give out to other people hahaha noooo bible was created by man actuly the christianity was created by henry the 8ith so if the bible was created by man and even back alllll them 1000s years ago they where still mention sex with man and man and women and women well that meens its always been around so if its always been around then where did the title gay or lesbian come from that is a man made label to define people so if them labels was not around and "god" wrote do not what ever then that meens that some people have always been born feeling attraction to the same sex so no you cant be born gay because thats a joke you are born as you and you are your own person who makes up your own choices and feelings and if your you then you can fall in love with who ever you want some people dont judge how a person looks they fall in love with the person they are how do i know all this?? because when i was born befor i new what a lesbian even was i thought and would argue with my mum i was a boy and would scream the house down if she tried to put me in girly dresses i always wanted to play with lads and always enjoyed the boy toys more then the girls toys i didnt want to play with a baby doll and have a pretend cot i wanted to use the cot as a boat for my action men and still as i grew up boys never intrested me but let me see a good looking girl smile at me and my heart missed a beat and still i really didnt no what a lesbian was it was only till i was so confused that i went to my mum all worried that she told me so yes what you have just wrote is just funny and very small minded and i feel sorry for you because trust me when you do pass over your in for such a shock ! :) by toyah est lesbian since 1991

No. I'm a strong Christian and even play guitar in the praise band at church and even they say "God made gay people just as he mad straight people" and oh, I'm lesbian and have known it since a young age so can know...ignorant people -_-

The bible was written by men of other epochs. While it is written in it that "God spoke to them" that is something that every culture throughout history has claimed. Evidence, there is none. So whatever the bible says is sin is irrelevant, God has nothing to do with the bible, and that if God exists, which, well, most likely, is not the case. Sorry for being so blunt but its the only way I can say it; you are wrong about the nature of the universe and unfortunately you have bought into an outdated and false belief system. You can still grow out of it, though, if you read good stuff. I recommend you go to and read the series on "Mysterious answers to mysterious questions." You'll get a lot out of it.

Just another crazy christan

Recently,I came out as bisexual. And a friend told me a good bisexual dating site -- . You may want to check it out. Now I enjoy the bisexual lifestyle.

I knew I was different from an early age.<br />
I had a normal childhood, did normal boy things.<br />
When I reached the age of 13, I started to notice boys instead of girls.<br />
It just all came naturally to me. It wasn't a lifestyle choice.<br />
<br />
I am an observant Jew and believe that my gayness is a gift from God.

God does not dislike Gay People. God created Gay people like he created everyone else.<br />
<br />
It doesn't break a commandment.<br />
<br />
As far as a sin goes, God forgives us for our sins through proper confession.<br />
<br />
If a person is honest, a tax paying citizen, harms no one and is helpful to others- who cares if is partner is the same sex as he or she. Whose business is it but their's.<br />
<br />
End Of Sermon.



I'm still waiting for the response from Rescue. Unless of course following her research she has come out. This was a great thread. I love the fact that all us atheists get as emotional as the god botherers. Does this mean we have faith?

Good to see you're actually going to do some research... you do realise, don't you - there's more than one book in the world? Actually, quite a few different versions of the bible even (whichever one of those, you claim to believe)..... and an even greater number of differing translations of each - boy!.... which is the REAL ONE????<br />
<br />
You give a very good example to the argument that religion should be outlawed, in my humble opinion.<br />
<br />
Feel free to disagree, though, that's a right of humanity.

Stop calling someone else names, when I know nothing about what I'm talking about??? Really, because I believe you called all of us sinners and I hate to break it to you but your straight, so how the hell can you tell me you know more about being gay or bisexual than anyone here. How can you say that? I don't know what i'm talking about? This coming from someone who's offended everyone who's gay or bi or whatever by calling us sinners. Like it's a choice. No one would choose to be this way, why would we when we have to deal with harassment from people like you.


SaratogaGirl, what an awesome comment!

Thanks for the vote of confidence, Markismyheart... if thinking like Rescue's is considered sane I am happy to be a nut!<br />
<br />
OOOOO, hey Rescue, here's a thought!!!! Maybe bad stuff like Katrina and the current economic collapse are G-d's punishment of the US for NOT recognizing the inherent goodness and equality of GAYS and LESBIANS who are among all you straights!!! Maybe G-D is telling you to get the heck off your soapboxes and throw out your self-righteousness and open your hearts, minds and laws to us too!<br />
<br />
Ever think of that???

You have acknowledge what any of us have said. We've all made some fine points, and yet you still refuse to acknowledge what we say. Tell me, how do you chose what you follow in the bible. Numerous people have pointed out several ridiculous ideas that were in the bible, that I'm sure you don't agree with. Why do you cling to this idea? Tell me, how is homosexuality worse than sexism or selling your daughter into slavery? Also why are kids in Africa infected with the AIDS virus? Why "is God punishing them", I'd honestly like to know what's running through your head. You made such a vicious post, and yet you won't respond to any of us.

so all the black people in africa who got aids are suffering the wrath of god?<br />
and the diabetics who got it from infected blood are sinners?<br />
OK<br />
I lived in a country where millions were persecuted in the name of Jesus Christ. Where the bible was used to justify discrimination and cruelty.<br />
I guess things just never change. I feel sorry for you.<br />
If I had religion, I'd pray for you. <br />
There's a part of me that would like to see your posts erased and another part that wants the them to stay as a reminder that people like you still exist.

please go pound your bible somewhere else

Your thoughts are dangerous Rescue, and it's your indoctrination into religion that makes your thoughts the way they are. It amazes me people let innocent kids stay in homes where they are exposed to such zealotry and hatred.<br />
<br />
Not your fault that you were inculcated into the foul meme of religion, but others have had the moral fortitude to look beyond their early conditioning and break free of it's insidious mind set.<br />
<br />
Would rather have a warm, caring Mama Monkey than a cold, lying christian one.. We're all mammals Rescue, you gonna have to face it one day!<br />
<br />
Saratogagirl... you have a damn good weekend. And careful of those Canadian slave girls! You may think you got 'em tied up real good but...<br />
<br />

please go pound your bible somewhere else

I feel sorry for you. Im glad to be dangerous!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Wow! What a rant. Say, Rescue, what bottle are YOU drinking out of? I want some of THAT!<br />
<br />
Oh, MAMA!<br />
<br />
Hey Rescue, hope you love me now and after I tell you this... I AM GAY... I have lain with another woman ... <br />
<br />
Now, the Bible tells me that it is also OK to have slaves, as long as they are not of my tribe (Lev. 25:44)... so I accept that I cannot have slaves from the US... but can I own Canadian slaves???? Pretty Please???? The Bible SAYS so!<br />
<br />
Think of me this weekend... I'll be with my FEMALE lover again... ta-ta!


AIDs is actually MOST prevalent among HETEROSEXUAL AFRICAN AMERICAN WOMAN, not gay men.<br />
<br />
The LOWEST infection rate of AIDs is among HOMOSEXUAL WOMEN - that's right: not straight men, not straight women; GAY WOMEN. <br />
<br />
Any notion of AIDs as a "gay disease" is not supported by statistics and is extremely outdated and bigoted.<br />
<br />
Learn your facts.<br />
<br />
Finally, studies show children raised by two loving parents, whether straight OR gay, are more emotionally stable than children in other family situations. They are, for all intents and purposes, equatable. A child of gay parents is also no more likely to be gay.<br />
<br />
So, again, check your facts.<br />
<br />
The Bible may say being gay is wrong*. But rely on God's word, not ignorance, to make your point. I think it speaks to a lack of a faith in even Christians that this part of the Bible is valid when they start inventing things out of thin air to justify themselves. <br />
<br />
*And even then, is the blatant sexism in the Bible correct? Or do we selectively choose which parts of the Bible we will follow rather than admit that some specifics may be outdated, in order to further our own bigotry...?