Three Types of Homosexual

 I apologise - I've written this before somewhere else on EP.

In my profession I have learned that there are three classifications of homosexual:

1) Homosexual by birth - People are born this way, just as others are born straight.

2) Homosexual by society - If you go to prison, there is a good chance that you will adapt to a different lifestyle while in the big house.

3) Homosexual by choice - People just prefer associating with the same sex.

One man's opinion.

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I wrote a more in-depth story with a similar argument to this, except I didn't classify them the way that you did. I wrote that homosexuality, or sexuality itself really, can have either a biological origin or a psychological origin. If I were to group 'em, then I'd agree with your 1st and 3rd groups, but I'd change the second one to "Homosexual/sexuality by circumstance". Other circumstances, not limited to societal norms, can affect the way a person thinks without them consciously choosing it.

My question would be whether you classify types of heterosexuals?

Thank you.

(1.) Why apologise ? Most people have no clue you have or have not posted else where. I sometimes repeat because I find a better group to post with and the first post was not even seen.<br />
(2.) I agree...DD