I Come Here Trying My Best, But There Is No Divine Providing Me What I Want 2

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Coming here on EP in another sense has yet been another test for the Divine. And it is failing. 

I have been here now on EP for 21 Months. Another 3 Months will make it 2 Years.

And all this site is doing is helping me exercise and trying to work my best at expressing myself.  But it isn't getting out and helping meet like minded other's in this World.

This still makes me rather unusual and odd in this world. Very Unique and Different from most other people all over this world.

I can try to exercise my mind and thoughts here. But they still remain Forlorn and Inattentive at ever getting noticed.

I still like to loose my weight. Still no success in this.  Now I am having a new problem and can't figure what to do yet. I'm having swelling feet and going to the Doctor is and has not been my best of means lately. There is problems in this also.

I can't get the News that I would be interested in. No matter what I do and it is like this Evil is getting greater in my means of getting around. Just causing me more trouble than getting any good out of this Life of Mine.

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Oct 15, 2011